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Re: Updated script

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Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: Updated script

Is this the problem that Ruediger just wrestled to ground?  The
quotation mark issue?

YES  --  Bravo rudi

I need to leave shortly, but laubersm and/or zoglesby should be able to re-build the rpm from the script with the correction if we decide we want to do that. The script needs to be corrected to get the right homepage/startpage in there, the current rpm has the old homepage. It lacks the hardlink improvement which I never had adequate time to test, and Jesse sounded a little uncomfortable with. I've attached the big script, a fragment that only builds the Publican part, and the spec file just in case I had touched something in there that I didn't update with them. Not sure that the list will take attachments so copied to Susan and Zach just in case.

Also, I realized that the script file is copying in a makefile that makes more lanuages than the version in git. I THOUGHT I had updated the copy in git, but I added that makefile just in case so that the additional languages don't get forgotten.

I'm away to FDIM, will be back Moday, unless I spend so much that my wife kills me (a guy can never have too many radios).


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