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Re: Zeroday change to release notes for Release Candidate?

The small Zeroday changes that we previously discussed are all in place, and the Dutch, Polish and Spanish translators have again brought their translations up to 100% finished -- many thanks!

Today, docs has had requests for two more small 0-day changes. One of these [1] adds four lines of text (plus some links that don't need translating) to the Virtualization section. The other one [2] really only affects Göran; it re-adds a short section from the Fedora 10 guide that has already been translated into all the languages that have substantial F11 translations... except Swedish.

Since the slip gives us some more time, do any translators or translation teams object to making these additions?


[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-docs-list/2009-May/msg00086.html
[2] http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/f10/en_US/index.html#sn-Common_bugs -- Section 1.3.2 Common Bugs -- two lines of text

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