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Re: Wikipedia license change

----- Original Message ----- From: "Karsten Wade" <kwade redhat com>
To: <fedora-docs-list redhat com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 2:03 PM
Subject: Re: Wikipedia license change

> > "Wikipedia drops GNU in favor of Creative Commons license"
> So, can Fedora Docs and Fedora on the whole switch to Creative Commons
> SA license from OPL? There doesn't seem to be any real blockers to the
> move.

If we get consensus on this list to switch from OPL to CC-BY-SA, then
I'll take the word to the Board.  Not that I think we need approval,
per se, but a simple heads up is a good idea. :)


The OPL has served us very well for a long time, I'm sad to see us
move from it, but at this point the writing is clear.  We gain a lot
by going with a proper CC license.

So, what do we gain by going to CC? What do we loose? I have heard some folks on Planet objecting to CC for some purposes, but I would need to go back and re-read what their problem was and in what context.


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