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Re: [Fedora-legal-list] Re: Wikipedia license change

On Thu, 28 May 2009 15:31:13 -0400
Eric Christensen <eric christensenplace us> wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> Thanks for the information.  What does this mean for current works
> that are now downstream if we change the license?  Would we have to
> give general permission to those works or are they still covered
> because they met the requirements of the original license?
Hi Eric,

Not sure if this is what you are asking, but: We can (and probably
would want to) extend permission to cover all past works that have been
released. This would not revoke the original permissions given under
the OPL, as those permissions are permanent, but it would supplement
them (i.e., past works would thereafter become dual-licensed under OPL
and CC-BY-SA).

If some Fedora work W licensed under OPL is modified downstream by A
(W'), and assume that the OPL requires A to license W' including its
changes under OPL:  A can relicense W' under CC-BY-SA by agreeing to
relicense its changes under CC-BY-SA, but otherwise a downstream
recipient of W' receives it under OPL only.

- RF

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