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Self-introduction: Ben Cotton

Greetings Fedora-docs-listers,

It recently occurred to me that it is time I gave something back to
the community.  I started using Red Hat 8 in college, and eventually
switched to using Linux on my primary desktop.  I now make a living as
a sysadmin for RHEL desktops and servers in a small department of a
large Midwestern university.  Since I don't have much skill as a
programmer, I decided that the Docs group was a good place to start.

I don't have any formal project experience, but I do fancy myself a
passable writer.  Among the accomplishments I'm most proud of during
my tenure as a sysadmin is the creation of an internal wiki for my
department's IT staff.  When I took the position, the documentation
was whatever could be found in old e-mail messages.  Largely on my own
effort, but with considerable help from the rest of the staff, our
wiki is now a valuable resource.  The contents range from detailed
how-to guide to big-picture discussions of the system architecture.

My degree is in meteorology, so I do not have a great deal of formal
training with computers.  Most of my knowledge comes from breaking my
computer and then getting it working again.  I do have certifications
on Linux (RHCT) and OS X (ACSP), and I try to get training when the
opportunity and budget align.  My primary technical skills are in
basic setup and administration: kickstarts, package management, NFS,
CUPS, etc.  What I lack in technical skills, though, I make up for in
the ability to find contributors.  I tend to bring in people outside
my department to help on specific tasks when their skills better match
the needs.

Here's my GPG key:
[1018 bcotton boone ~ ]$ gpg --fingerprint AB46AA74
pub   1024D/AB46AA74 2009-02-14
      Key fingerprint = B09D 841C 1347 091A 3BD0  759F D9CD 1319 AB46 AA74
uid                  Ben Cotton <bcotton purdue edu>
sub   2048g/4BB9F3C7 2009-02-14

I think that covers all I need to share.  I look forward to working
with all of you and contributing to the project.


Ben Cotton

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