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2nd Draft Ready for Review: Ch. 1: PackageKit

I have expanded the Yum chapter significantly since the 1st draft, and it should now be more-or-less complete. This is the last draft before I finalize the text for translation, so please send your comments/ suggestions! Especially if you think the Yum chapter should cover something important that it does not.

Note: Yum and its "ecosphere" (yum-utils, plugins, etc.) provide many more capabilities than can be described in the Deployment Guide. That said, I am very interested in Yum use cases and procedures that system administrators find indispensable. One example would be: documenting orphan and unneeded package removal with the package-cleanup command. Or merging config files with yum-plugin-merge-conf. Initial text for supplementary sections would be much appreciated.

Without further ado:


I have incorporated many suggestions from Rahul Sundaram and others into this draft. Thanks Rahul!

The (partial) list of changes:

* Yum plugins in general documented; specific ones (presto, fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit) now described * chapter's 2nd paragraph is now a large admonition concerning GPG package verification and security, with links * removing packages and groups now explained in detail, along with discussion of dependencies
* [main] and [repository] sections beefed up; new options explained
* improved command for creating Yum repos
* Additional Resources added (only one thus far)


Douglas Silas
Technical Writer | Red Hat, Inc.

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