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Re: Self-Introduction of Mark Walker

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> Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.  I Googled the name "Mark
> Walker" and about 22,600,000 hits were returned; none of them me in the
> first few pages. I then Googled the name "Mark Caldwell Walker" and about
> 168,000 hits were returned; all of them me in the first few pages.
> As one of those "older guys" my curriculum vitae might not be the best
> approach for an introduction, but I will point out that I've had plenty of
> chances to make mistakes and to learn from them.  I do love to learn, and
> that's one of the reasons I'm here.  I am here also in search of new
> challenges, new ways to produce meaningful results that actually help
> people, and along with that genuine personal fulfillment.  That might seem a
> little demanding, especially from someone who's not yet retired from his day
> job and therefore has only nights and weekends to offer for now.  But I
> sense that the time is right for me to venture into these areas where I've
> only been lurking in listservs for far too long.
> My writing projects include the three science fiction novels that appear in
> the Google search returns mentioned above.  My professional writing includes
> some newspaper writing in my younger years, which naturally followed my BA
> in Journalism.  I've since written some professional documents for previous
> employers, which were in the telecommunications and computer project
> management fields and briefed them to executive management.
> My other degree is an MS in Management.  That's not very computer related on
> the surface, but I've also been a licensed radio amateur since 1967
> (although I'm "rare DX") and my first home computer was a Commodore 64.  I'm
> not a programmer, but I've played with FORTRAN, Basic, Pascal, C++, Visual
> Basic, Java, and Bash scripting. Certs include A+ and Network+, and I've
> been studying up on Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker.  In the past few
> years I've been researching XML, and think I could produce DocBook products
> based on the v5 RELAXNG schema.
> I also have a radio broadcasting background that spans about 9 commercial
> stations.  This was on-air experience; yes, I was your friendly local radio
> DJ. My production of the FredPod podcast (feel free to Google it) is my
> effort to enjoy broadcasting activities that take advantage of the
> people-empowering trends in this field. I've been attempting to get the open
> source Rivendell application running, but so far that remains a work in
> progress.
> One other thing about me that might be of interest is I'm also known as
> "Santa Claus."  I like to say that the white beard is real and so is the
> jolliness, but I wear the red suit only on special occasions anymore.
> Pleased to meet you,
> Mark
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Welcome aboard, Mark!  Nice to have another ham among us (do we have a
majority yet?).

Please do join us on Wednesday evening and we'll get you hooked up
with a mentor to point you in what we hope is the proper direction.


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