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IRC Log FDSCo 18 Oct 2005

(21:08:03) quaid: <meeting>
(21:08:08) quaid: there, now we are officially started
(21:08:19) stickster: Error: meeting does not validate ;-D
(21:10:09) quaid:
(21:10:12) quaid: working from there, as usual
(21:10:38) quaid: btw, do others see/agree that using that page as our
agenda is i) good, ii) ok, whatever, or iii) bad ?
(21:11:04) elliss: i)
(21:11:25) elliss: It's very helpful
(21:11:29) megacoder: -ii)
(21:11:46) stickster: OK by me
(21:11:49) ***quaid wonders how he knew megacoder would choose ii)
(21:11:55) quaid: all right, I like it too
(21:12:04) megacoder: I gues my reputation exceeds me...
(21:12:09) quaid: anything else you all want to address before diving
into that?
(21:12:36) ***quaid counts down quickly 
(21:12:37) elliss: Small thing
(21:12:43) quaid: go'head
(21:12:50) stickster: nope
(21:13:06) elliss: I spoke to the guys at LinuxQuestions at LinuxWorld
(21:13:35) elliss: One idea that emerged was having a Fedora namespace
on their Wiki
(21:13:50) elliss: It's technically possible
(21:13:59) elliss: Link...
(21:14:29) elliss: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Main_Page
(21:14:53) elliss: Basically they are trying to build a resource for
(21:15:55) quaid: off-hand ... I would love to keep us working from one
single source, and syndicating that to e.g.
(21:16:22) elliss: Yes How this might be used is an open question
(21:16:35) elliss: I thought I'd pass it on
(21:16:51) quaid: I can't see how we can pull in their content, once
it's created, because of licensing (mainly) ... :( ... and I don't want
to see us trying to do extra duty where we are thinly stretched already,
so our formal contribution to them would also be stemmed by that.
(21:16:58) quaid: still, there seems to be an upswelling.
(21:17:18) quaid: a need for a single source and/or a strong connection
between document repositories.
(21:17:26) quaid: something to continue pursuing, definitely.
(21:18:02) quaid: megacoder: regarding FOP and gcj, anything new come
(21:19:06) megacoder: No. I have also reached the end of my Java
technowizadry, so I'm not sure how to proceed, given the lack of
response to my solicitations.
(21:19:49) quaid: ok, I'm going to take this from here. I now have a
chain within RH I can use, where previously I could only do advanced
(21:19:49) G2: quaid, megacoder I still can't get the Samba tree to work
(21:20:00) quaid: bummer
(21:20:04) G2: OS Chain?
(21:20:14) quaid: command chain
(21:20:58) G2: yeah, open source rather
(21:21:09) elliss: Should we alter the task, then ?
(21:21:11) megacoder: samba chain?
(21:21:20) elliss: On the Wiki
(21:21:29) quaid: megacoder: the latex toolchain that Samba has working
(21:21:44) megacoder: Oh. I couldn't get that working either.
(21:24:51) ***stickster hums Jeopardy theme
(21:25:50) quaid: sorry, writing email
(21:25:52) quaid: moving on
(21:26:15) quaid: about the staging server
(21:26:52) quaid: I don't have an update from a few weeks ago, but I had
taken this inside and asked for a release engineer to help us make this
happen, someone to support Sopwith 
(21:27:53) quaid: if Sopwith doesn't have anything more on that right
now ... I'll just update the status that we are waiting for a reply/more
(21:28:18) quaid: ok, moving on
(21:28:24) quaid: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Translation
(21:28:35) quaid: my first stab at nailing down the current process in
one location
(21:28:37) quaid: comments?
(21:29:16) elliss: We have trans guides in CVS...
(21:29:59) quaid: right, which is their guidelines
(21:30:11) elliss: Though I can only see a link to the Windows trans
guide on fedora.redhat.com
(21:30:14) quaid: should add a link to that in the steps, then?
(21:30:21) quaid: ?
(21:30:33) quaid:  /participate/translation-guide/ ?
(21:30:35) elliss: Is the main guide on-line somewhere ?
(21:31:37) elliss: http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/translation-faq/
(21:31:43) elliss: That's an FAQ
(21:31:55) elliss: Can't see a main Guide
(21:32:05) elliss: On the Website
(21:32:15) quaid: yeah, I've seen it in CVS
(21:32:59) quaid: I know someone has ownership of this, Chester Cheng
(21:33:03) quaid: s/this/those/
(21:33:11) quaid: I'll point the FAQ for now.
(21:34:23) quaid: am I missing something about building the doc?
(21:34:37) elliss: Is it broke ?
(21:34:42) quaid: or does the Makefile just automagically pull all files
in and output different languages, as they appear?
(21:35:03) quaid: I was trying to decipher Makefile.common at 1 am after
a long day, and couldn't grok it :)
(21:35:44) stickster: Doing a make html or make all should automatically
do all the languages properly
(21:35:50) quaid: ok, cool
(21:36:16) megacoder: There are two steps involved: a "template" gets
defined and then instantiated with a foo-${LANG} target driven by the
${LANGUAGES} macro from the client Makefile.
(21:37:31) ***quaid saves the DocsProject/Translation page with some
(21:37:34) quaid: ok, that looks better
(21:39:41) quaid: is that a clear enough process for now?
(21:40:45) elliss: May be add a link to the trans mailing list
(21:41:05) stickster: Yes, except don't you need to add step 3.5, set
(21:41:11) stickster: in the Makefile
(21:41:46) quaid: ah!
(21:41:58) quaid: more wording, please?
(21:42:02) quaid: or can you fix the Wiki yourself?
(21:43:19) ***quaid wonders if this task is completed ...
(21:43:32) quaid: yeah, good enough for now, it will be an updating
process, so I'll enter a new task for that.
(21:44:41) stickster: I'll make the change
(21:45:23) quaid: thx
(21:46:33) quaid: ok, on beat writer recruiting
(21:47:16) quaid: before I left for vacation, a very properly placed
management person volunteered to find people to fill our gaps, if we
didn't get enough volunteers.
(21:47:48) quaid: I sent out the appeal last night and finalized the
details today, so I am crossing all my fingers and toes that will go
well enough.
(21:48:08) quaid: we may not get much in time for translation, but we
have another week for content that can go live on the Web.
(21:48:23) stickster: Did Anthony Green make it onto the Java beat? I
thought he had agreed to take that
(21:49:03) quaid: he did
(21:49:25) quaid: but he is about it
(21:49:53) quaid: oh, wait, he's not there
(21:49:55) quaid: I'll add him now
(21:52:35) quaid: G2: anything you want to add about recruiting right
(21:53:54) quaid: elliss: abnout the XML output, are we comfortable
enough that we can get some sort of snapshot this coming weekend that I
can jam into the main release notes?
(21:53:57) stickster: G2: did you work on the contact email(s) discussed
last week?
(21:54:57) elliss: quaid: does not nochunks require any special
considerations over normal DocBook ?
(21:55:09) elliss: stray "not"
(21:55:49) quaid: hmmm ... not really
(21:55:56) elliss: OK
(21:56:10) quaid: I can see unusually deeply nested <section>s as
looking weird in a nochunks
(21:56:15) quaid: but that's it :)
(21:56:46) elliss: Are we starting the Notes from scratch, or should we
be importing content from the FC4 CVS ? 
(21:57:38) quaid: it's all f'uped up
(21:57:56) quaid: we haven't done proper tagging and branching, it uses
sub-folders for each release
(21:58:06) quaid: to answer your question
(21:58:19) quaid: we are going to import all old content and review for
(21:58:30) quaid: some stuff stays for a few releases, such as the stuff
about kernel source
(22:02:52) elliss: OK. I can move stuff across tommorrow
(22:03:25) quaid: ok, I need to close, we got through the priority 1
(22:03:42) quaid: I now have a regular meeting that just follows this
one, so expect me to be better with timing :)
(22:04:11) stickster: ;-)
(22:06:33) megacoder: quaid: hint: "</meeting>" is appropriate now...
(22:10:16) stickster: </meeting>


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