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IRC Log FDSCo 26 Oct 2005

(21:10:43) quaid: <meeting>
(21:10:50) quaid: this meeting has no quorum, so no formal decisions.
(21:11:03) quaid: but we can review status, and talk about stuff of
interest to those who are here.
(21:11:47) quaid:
(21:12:25) quaid: lessee, megacoder sent an update that the xmlto
changes are going upstream.
(21:12:40) quaid: I'm still getting go/no-go details from the Java
(21:12:50) megacoder: correct, as usual, King Friday
(21:13:10) ***quaid looks around for the trolley car
(21:14:47) quaid: ok, I'll punt on a "why saxon and fop" wiki page until
I get asked the question again :)
(21:15:38) quaid: all right, on DocsRawhide
(21:15:47) megacoder: I've gotten no responses about when FOP will go
(21:15:59) quaid: ah, hmm
(21:16:04) quaid: you mean, into Core?
(21:16:44) megacoder: Anywhere but JPACKAGE. We need them in RPM form,
maybe in extras, but in a related repo anyway.
(21:17:30) quaid: ok, gotcha
(21:17:35) quaid: I'll make sure that doesn't get forgotten.
(21:18:56) quaid: so, about DocsRawhide, I tried to get back out of
Sopwith's way last week to let him get stuff done.
(21:19:40) quaid: I'll hold that status open for the moment
(21:19:55) megacoder: Should I hack tidy-bowl to work only on *-en.xml
(21:20:02) quaid: hmm
(21:20:09) Sopwith: quaid: Yea, I just need that magic list of shell
commands or a .spec file or something.
(21:20:14) quaid: oh, ok
(21:20:40) quaid: megacoder: what should we give Sopwith? a list of
which CVS and make commands to use? or a .spec file?
(21:20:55) Sopwith: I could come up with it myself, but it'll go faster
if one of you all does it.
(21:21:11) megacoder: Sorry, what does Sopwith want to do again?
(21:21:51) quaid: magic scripts that
(21:22:02) quaid: - get specifically tagged content from CVS
(21:22:13) quaid:  -- maybe it uses a .conf file so we can define the
tags easily?
(21:22:19) quaid: - builds all targets
(21:22:29) quaid: - publishes URLs to a Webpage
(21:22:31) quaid: </>
(21:22:56) megacoder: Dunno how to publish the URL's but if you give me
a hint, I'll try my hand at a magic autobuilder script.
(21:22:59) quaid: addendum -- conf file could let us specify which
modules _and_ which tags within those modules.
(21:23:24) quaid: megacoder: reverse that, Sopwith is doing the magic
script stuff, but he needs to know what our shell commands are to build
(21:23:26) quaid: 'make'
(21:23:39) quaid: or a .spec file, whichever is best
(21:23:54) megacoder: cvs update -rfoo && make all
(21:24:05) megacoder: That's it.
(21:24:22) quaid: Sopwith: it sounds like megacoder is available to help
with the autobuilder stuff, should you need it.
(21:24:26) Sopwith: cool
(21:24:33) megacoder: OK, fine.
(21:24:40) Sopwith: Yea, I can take care of the 'publish to a web page'
(21:24:40) quaid: cool^2
(21:25:14) quaid: Sopwith: yeah, or predictable URLs that we can link
from f.r.c/docs and fp.org/wiki
(21:27:12) quaid: megacoder: anyway, we call this DocsRawhide because it
allows us to give easy access to builds of latest stuff in HEAD, and
people can work on docs without having to have a local build environment
(21:27:33) quaid: Sopwith: we'll eventually want to do something with
the build errors, such as send them to fedora-docs-commits
(21:27:56) megacoder: I see.
(21:28:19) Sopwith: quaid: Sounds good.
(21:28:29) avatraxiom [n=maxka 216 233 212 131] entered the room.
(21:29:39) quaid: ok, beat writer escalation went pretty well, Tim is
still tracking down people fo rus
(21:30:10) quaid: hopefully we'll have full coverage long before test2
(21:33:05) quaid: no status on general recruitin
(21:33:17) quaid: now we get to the fun part, MoinMoin2DBXML
(21:33:40) quaid: nman64: I'm working on a full reply, and I'll cc:
elliss as well.
(21:34:00) nman64: quaid: Great.
(21:35:44) quaid: status is -- it went better than expected, thanks to
nman64 with Wiki > XML and elliss for getting the pieces in place for
(21:35:54) quaid: it took be about five real hours to do the manual
conversion back
(21:36:19) quaid: 20% of that was doing visual diffing of content, to
save me having to retag with XML what hadn't changed.
(21:36:42) quaid: anyway, we'll make some sort of report after our
sidebar conversations.
(21:36:52) megacoder: On a side note (rim-shot), we now have enough
folks here to fill up my XChat scroll bar.
(21:37:20) StillBob: No, I am just here three times
(21:37:26) megacoder: Group hug (=)
(21:37:29) quaid: heh
(21:37:48) quaid: megacoder: anytime you want to feel that love again,
just make your xchat window less tall :)
(21:37:54) EvilBob: Playing musical laptops today
(21:38:06) megacoder: quaid: when you say "retag" do you mean XML tags
or CVS tags?
(21:38:24) quaid: XML in this context
(21:38:29) quaid: I've been loose with that one today.
(21:38:35) megacoder: Fine. CVS tags are cheap.
(21:39:04) quaid: heh
(21:39:21) quaid: megacoder: that's the third time I've been asked that,
though, showing that I'm being undescriptive about my usage :)
(21:40:08) megacoder: "I've been <tagging> ..." vs "I've been cvs
(21:40:29) quaid: cool idea
(21:40:50) quaid: hey, we made it through priority 1 items!
(21:41:05) quaid: I'll just touch what else we can
(21:41:11) ***quaid moves xmlto task to compleed
(21:41:15) ***megacoder notices Stickster isn't here.. what a
(21:41:32) quaid: yeah, freaking slacker
(21:42:12) quaid: Hmmm ... example tutorial.
(21:42:24) quaid: that depends on Mark and I working on the XML tag
(21:42:39) quaid: I don't have a status on that, but maybe we'll do some
work on that when I'm in Raleigh.
(21:47:44) EvilBob: I think I have to put the 20 HDD back in this
laptop, only getting 6 hours battery life...
(21:47:58) EvilBob: Ooops, wrong channel
(21:48:01) quaid: ok, I'll start a colophon via the wiki
(21:48:02) EvilBob: Sorry guys
(21:48:06) quaid: EvilBob: still, that was interesting :)
(21:48:43) quaid: elliss: do you need any help with the Anaconda team,
re: the Installation Guide?
(21:49:08) quaid: ignacio|NotHere: have you had a chance to look at the
rpm-guide? Would it help if we built and published the draft somewhere?
(21:49:57) EvilBob: quaid, I got a Transmeta based laptop over the
weekend, but I am not getting the battry life i expected after a
harddrive upgrade.
(21:50:54) elliss: quaid: My notional plan was to review t1, update the
IG and then push for a tech review, or submit a focused set of
(21:51:20) quaid: cool
(21:51:23) quaid: sounds good
(21:51:24) elliss: Anaconda is still being revised
(21:52:14) elliss: So may not stabilize for a while longer
(21:52:35) elliss: Re: The RPM Guide
(21:52:46) quaid: yes?
(21:53:17) elliss: I'm putting the tagging in 
(21:53:38) elliss: it may require some content update also
(21:54:00) elliss: But hopefully pnasrat or ignatio can do that
(21:54:11) quaid: yeah, exactly
(21:54:22) quaid: nasrat was quite excited, he was all set to start the
conversion himself :)
(21:54:41) elliss: It very large, though, so any help would be good
(21:54:55) quaid: elliss: have you had any contact with ignacio|NotHere
about it? last I got was a few weeks ago that he would take a look when
he had a chance.
(21:54:56) elliss: It's a proper book, this one
(21:55:10) elliss: quaid: No
(21:55:11) quaid: I think there are several people that Nasrat will lead
in to help with it
(21:55:30) quaid: we could get their help now with the conversion, if
you'd like.
(21:55:50) elliss: It's dull DocBook stuff
(21:56:19) EvilBob: quaid, ignacio|NotHere has been busy with school a
bit I know
(21:56:32) elliss: But if there's someone else who feels comfortable
fixing up ulinks and entities then that would help
(21:56:42) elliss: To speed things up
(21:57:11) ***quaid would love to, if he wasn't already accountable for
converting 4000+ pages to DocBook
(21:57:22) quaid: but I'll ask nasrat if he and buddies want to help
(21:58:27) quaid: ok, anything else?
(22:00:19) quaid: 5
(22:00:20) quaid: 4
(22:00:21) quaid: 3
(22:00:21) quaid: 2
(22:00:22) quaid: 1
(22:00:25) quaid: !
(22:00:29) quaid: </meeting>


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