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IRC Log FDSCo Meeting 4th April 2006

(21:09:07) quaid: <meeting>
(21:09:11) quaid: yeah, I've been talking
(21:09:12) stickster: :-)
(21:09:28) ***quaid is on the phone a little bit
(21:13:30) quaid: let's see ... where were we from last week?
(21:14:17) EvilBob: last week was there a meeting?
(21:14:31) stickster: yup
(21:14:49) EvilBob: oh the week before was canceled
(21:15:11) stickster: yup
(21:16:05) quaid: stickster: is it worth rolling down the list or do we
have something in particular on the table
(21:16:29) stickster: Hang on... just got back from an errand and need
to call up last week's notes :-)
(21:16:43) ***stickster does not like the sound his ThinkPad fan is
(21:18:06) stickster: Hmm, no summary available apparently
(21:18:33) stickster: megacoder was going to get with nman64 about the
webtest.f.r.c problems
(21:18:57) stickster: ghenry was going to get with one of the new guys,
Lance, about checking the contributor list
(21:19:23) elliss: stickster: A summary went to the list.
(21:19:35) stickster: OK, I must have deleted it locally then
(21:19:58) stickster: I had my finger on that key a lot with the whole
"future" thread on f-devel-l :-)
(21:20:07) elliss: The meetings page will have a link.
(21:20:14) stickster: OH yeah!
(21:20:21) stickster: thanks for the reminder
(21:20:58) stickster: OK, that pretty much did it.
(21:21:22) stickster: I tried to work on packaging some but last week
was very busy for me IRL
(21:24:28) stickster: Is everyone burned out here or what?
(21:24:48) stickster: :-D
(21:26:26) quaid: yep :D
(21:27:09) stickster: All right, this is just silly. Let's call it and
reconvene next week. There are plenty of things hopping that we can work
on in the meantime. I am getting ready for travel to FUDCon tomorrow,
and I know quaid is too
(21:27:55) stickster: elliss: What would you say is the next action for
(1) IG and (2) Yum Tutorial? Publication ready? Needs a round of
(21:28:23) stickster: I will try and take care of either pronto... I am
a little off track from having too many pots boiling IRL
(21:28:28) elliss: Feel free to sanity check them. 
(21:28:34) quaid: ok
(21:28:37) stickster: I suspect if anything is needed it's trivial
(21:28:41) elliss: They're ready to go
(21:28:45) stickster: You're awesome :-)
(21:28:48) elliss: I'm moving house
(21:28:53) stickster: And you're moving
(21:29:01) elliss: Haven't had time to look at Web publish
(21:29:10) elliss: To do it myself
(21:29:17) stickster: OK
(21:29:22) quaid: add stuff to fp.org/wiki/Docs
(21:29:23) quaid: btw
(21:29:45) stickster: Was that ideas and such?
(21:29:55) stickster: Or also gathering other stuff we find on the wiki?
(21:29:58) ***stickster looks back in mail...
(21:30:19) stickster: Gotcha
(21:31:01) EvilBob: release notes errata?
(21:31:19) ***stickster praises EvilBob for speaking up
(21:31:53) EvilBob: sorry I am sick as a dog
(21:32:10) EvilBob: I can't swallow anything
(21:32:20) stickster: Yeesh
(21:32:33) EvilBob: so I have done nothing to get read for that
(21:32:38) EvilBob: ready
(21:32:52) EvilBob: what should/can be done?
(21:33:35) stickster: First we need a dump to CVS, yes quaid ?
(21:33:42) stickster: *shudder*
(21:34:30) EvilBob: do we call the current wiki "good enough" and sift
through the bugs and emails for a future errata release?
(21:35:36) elliss: Is there anything serious that requires a quick
update, or could it wait until after FUDCon.
(21:35:41) elliss: ?
(21:35:55) stickster: I think quaid wanted to work on it on the plane
from CA to Boston
(21:36:04) EvilBob: stickster: correct
(21:36:26) stickster: EvilBob: I only see 6 bugs open in our time frame
we're worried about
(21:36:43) EvilBob: stickster: ok that should be easy enough
(21:37:09) stickster: At the BZ front page, just enter "release-notes"
in the search field, that should give you the whole list... I'm looking
at the 6 bugs that are > 180000
(21:37:33) ***stickster is worried that ID's are meaningful to him. Time
to have neon "G" on forehead gold-plated
(21:40:05) stickster: EvilBob: Just fixed a bug :-)
(21:40:13) elliss: I don't think we can action 187080
(21:40:36) elliss: Without confirmation from someone who actual has
access to this hardware
(21:40:50) stickster: I asked Paul N. for this, but I don't think he's
put anything in.
(21:41:01) stickster: So yes, you're 100% correct
(21:41:57) elliss: 185788 I'm struggling to follow
(21:42:09) elliss: PostgreSQL update instructions
(21:42:21) elliss: Lots of words here
(21:42:44) stickster: I think it's kind of a red herring. We're saying,
before you update, go to postgresql.org and read the instructions there.
(Those instructions include backing up.)
(21:42:53) EvilBob: i do not know why that was repoened
(21:43:01) stickster: The reporter wants us to put the instructions
"back up first" in the text.
(21:43:21) stickster: I don't see a point. We are telling people, GO
READ THE EXPERTS' DOCS before you do this.
(21:43:31) stickster: I don't understand the need to gild the lily.
(21:43:45) elliss: Because people don't read manuals
(21:43:59) elliss: Even DBAs, who should know better
(21:44:01) stickster: People who depend on their databases do. Ask any
Oracle guy :-)
(21:44:06) EvilBob: this is old 
(21:44:09) EvilBob:
(21:44:16) stickster: I guess we know different DBAs! :-D
(21:44:41) elliss: Different scales of DBA, probably
(21:44:41) EvilBob: Version of release notes this bug refers to:
(21:44:41) EvilBob: Fedora Core 4 final release
(21:44:48) stickster: EvilBob: That's misfiled
(21:44:48) ***quaid reads his buffer between phone calls
(21:44:53) stickster: It shouldn't be a relnotes bug
(21:45:08) elliss: kabooki dance. ?
(21:45:53) elliss: Close with "file bug again if you still have problems
on FC5" ?
(21:45:54) stickster: Hehe
(21:46:02) quaid: 185788 shouldn't have been reopened but I don't know
how to not piss off the reporter at this point.
(21:46:04) stickster: No
(21:46:12) stickster: 180570 is only coming up because of the subject
(21:46:21) stickster: It's filed correctly against pilot-link after FDP
(21:46:32) stickster: I just changed the subject line, should be out of
any related list now
(21:46:52) stickster: quaid: Sorry, I should have taken you off the CC
list at the same time
(21:47:09) quaid:
(21:47:17) quaid: for master bug tracking links, btw
(21:48:02) stickster: #186467 now closed too... done on wiki already
(21:48:03) elliss: Very handy.
(21:48:35) elliss: 186251: We have a Wiki document that we could link to
(21:48:53) quaid: I'll take the wiki snapshot before I go to bed
tonight, so it's latest as possible
(21:49:10) stickster: Jeebus, does PostgreSQL ever *NOT* break their own
(21:49:17) stickster: #166916
(21:49:28) elliss: Every major release
(21:49:37) elliss: (Not point releases)
(21:51:06) elliss: "Basically this is something that has to be mentioned
in the release notes every time we update to a new major Postgres
release. "
(21:51:22) EvilBob: lol
(21:51:22) elliss: That's a senior Postgres developer.
(21:51:39) EvilBob: Ok so are we covered?
(21:52:11) stickster: I would think so
(21:52:12) EvilBob: quaid: will take the snap shot and clean up while on
the plane
(21:52:38) EvilBob: then we push to translation with a due date of next
thursday the 14th
(21:53:12) EvilBob: we will then publish the errata on Friday as
(21:53:56) EvilBob: I like the idea of a "fedora-release-notes" package
for FC6, any opinons?
(21:53:58) stickster: OK, we're down to only three open bugs against
current relnotes specifically: the postgresql one, the CD/DVD burn info,
and the ppc64 stuff
(21:55:05) stickster: EvilBob: Someone's going to have to design a
package-building Makefile then
(21:55:31) EvilBob: stickster: I suppose that would be true
(21:56:06) Sonar_Gal [n=aglaser ip70-174-58-25 hr hr cox net] entered
the room.
(21:56:07) elliss: stickster:
(21:56:14) stickster: EvilBob: Hang on... on second thought...
(21:56:43) stickster: elliss: Yeah, I've edited that myself just
recently :-)
(21:56:46) EvilBob: stickster: I know little in this area, is it worth
it to have an update to the release-notes on the users system?
(21:56:51) stickster: elliss: But it needs info for Linux users too
(21:56:57) stickster: (at least, to address the bug)
(21:57:10) elliss: I can add text for GNOME
(21:57:24) elliss: I'm out of touch with KDE
(21:57:31) stickster: elliss: Maybe you can get nman64 to do something
for KDE, I know he uses it
(21:57:59) EvilBob: hell add text how to to it from the CLI and call it
(21:58:14) stickster: EvilBob: I'm wrong, we may be able to use existing
build system... relevant: "MAY" :-)
(21:58:24) elliss: EvilBob: That's a harder problem
(21:58:25) EvilBob: stickster: sure
(21:58:46) elliss: Device names aren't guaranteed to be consistent
(21:58:53) EvilBob: stickster: FC6 is far enough out I am not worried
about logistics yet
(21:58:53) stickster: If we use existing build stuff, then we make it
"fedora-doc-release-notes" and it can Requires: fedora-doc-common
(21:59:04) stickster: It'll be here before we know it ;-D
(21:59:30) EvilBob: stickster: I was looking for opinions in general for
the idea
(21:59:36) stickster: elliss: Exactly... and I would bet that people who
are using CLI to burn CDs don't need the instructions
(21:59:51) stickster: My opinion is, "sure" :-D
(22:00:02) stickster: We just need to coordinate with Jeremy
(22:00:35) EvilBob: this actually came from a question when I did my FC5
Intro to my Lug
(22:01:55) elliss: What was the question asked ?
(22:02:44) rajesh left the room (quit: Nick collision from services.).
(22:02:45) EvilBob: why are the release notes not updated
(22:03:07) stickster: To which you answered...?
(22:03:07) rranjan [n=rranjan 202 41 228 162] entered the room.
(22:03:21) elliss: Ah. I think that many people don't look at the Web
(22:03:43) elliss: (fedora.redhat.com)
(22:04:02) stickster: Well, we've made it easier to find the updates...
this time around, the link to the updates is at the very top of the
release notes in a yellow box :-D
(22:04:38) elliss: We need to bring back those que cards that used to
appear during the installation
(22:04:41) Sopwith left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(22:04:49) elliss: "Read our Web site"
(22:04:51) stickster: I think the Marketing people are working on that
(22:04:54) elliss: "Please"
(22:05:16) stickster: They are supposed to come to us for editing
assistance when they have something figured out
(22:05:44) elliss: Cool. I really liked the older Red Hat ones
(22:05:58) stickster: Me too
(22:05:58) elliss: "Red Hat Linux: network duct tape"
(22:06:14) stickster: Is it my imagination, did FC1 and/or FC2 have
(22:06:22) elliss: Yes...
(22:06:36) elliss: The last one just had one card
(22:06:37) stickster: It would be a lot easier for people to produce
them if the SVG's for the art were freed
(22:06:44) stickster: In the meantime we can use Tango art, I suppose
(22:07:13) stickster: Anyway, I'm going OT, sorry
(22:07:13) StillBob: Sorry phone call
(22:07:52) StillBob: My answer was "I don't know, the website is our
place for errata now"
(22:08:09) stickster: StillBob: Always has been, ever since RHL actually
(22:08:16) StillBob: Yup
(22:09:04) StillBob: If it not a big project to push updates, I say lets
go for it, ,if it is a lot more work then we will keep doing things as
we have in the past
(22:09:26) StillBob: as the EiC that is my possition
(22:09:29) StillBob: LOL
(22:09:53) stickster: With the much smaller number of bugs this time
compared to FC4, I would say we may not have to do another errata after
(22:09:53) elliss: It's really the fedora-release package maintainer's
call, I think
(22:10:28) stickster: Right... plus there is an added wrinkle; if we use
the existing build system for relnotes, that implies that
fedora-doc-common has to be in Core as well
(22:10:34) stickster: You can't have something in Core depending on
something in Extras
(22:10:50) elliss: That scuppers it then
(22:10:58) elliss: Can't fool around with Core now
(22:11:04) stickster: Well sure, for FC5
(22:11:09) EvilBob: elliss: jkatz sounded interested in the idea
(22:11:10) stickster: We're talking about FC6 at this point anyway
(22:11:27) elliss: Ah.
(22:11:55) elliss: Context switch
(22:11:58) EvilBob: planning for the future
(22:11:59) stickster: heh
(22:12:01) elliss: Didn't folllow
(22:12:11) stickster: We're contextual butterflies
(22:12:16) EvilBob: sorry about that
(22:12:30) EvilBob: FC5 is what it is
(22:12:38) EvilBob: FC6 will be better IMO
(22:12:47) EvilBob: I hope
(22:12:52) stickster: All right, if there's nothing further, I need to
go help my daughter get on FC5 downstairs so she can play
(22:12:52) elliss: It will be godlike
(22:12:56) elliss: :)
(22:13:13) EvilBob: </meeting>?
(22:13:53) stickster: FC5 is awesome IMHO, so FC6 will be the dog's
(22:14:08) stickster: quaid: What do you say, sir?
(22:14:14) quaid: aye
(22:14:16) quaid: </meeting>


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