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IRC Log FDSCo Meeting 14 February 2006

(21:08:21) quaid: <meeting>
(21:08:35) G2: Here.
(21:08:41) quaid: soy presente!
(21:08:43) stickster: present
(21:08:57) G2: anyone got a sick note ;-)
(21:09:00) stickster: Hey, I think tcf_home is here too!
(21:09:47) EvilBob left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection
timed out)).
(21:09:48) megacoder: move to adjourn
(21:09:55) stickster: ha
(21:09:56) quaid: second
(21:09:58) ***megacoder is kidding
(21:10:00) quaid: </meeting>
(21:10:01) quaid: j/k
(21:10:04) quaid: <meeting>
(21:10:09) quaid: that messes with my grep, man!
(21:10:17) quaid: don't mess with my grep like that
(21:10:25) stickster: That's going to be like Nixon's missing 18 min.
(21:10:32) quaid: <snip>
(21:10:34) quaid: oops!
(21:10:38) stickster: ouch
(21:10:40) megacoder: Aw, that's quite a stretch...
(21:10:50) ***quaid is in Hannibal Smith mode
(21:10:52) stickster: megacoder: It's Internet time, y'know ;-D
(21:11:20) megacoder: Yeah, with my laptop drive busted, I'm doing this
one via Knoppix live...
(21:11:20) quaid: for today, I'd like to focus on just the OPL and the
work involved
(21:11:26) quaid: megacoder: dude, you rock
(21:11:49) quaid: has everyone had a chance to catch up on the Wiki and
my blog entry?
(21:11:57) megacoder: Too old to rock and role, too stupid to die.
(21:12:15) stickster: I read your blog entry today and the wiki entry
last week, has anything changed
(21:12:36) quaid: nope
(21:12:40) quaid: well. uyes
(21:12:41) quaid: yes
(21:12:52) quaid: did you note the bit about RH changing to the OPL?
(21:13:02) quaid: uh without options, I mean
(21:13:04) elliss: Yes. 
(21:13:06) quaid: that's the new bit.
(21:13:09) stickster: Oh YEAH!
(21:13:12) stickster: I saw that in your blog. This is a BIG DEAL
(21:13:20) stickster: When is that effective?
(21:13:23) quaid: and our FAQ and StepsToOPL were vetted by a lawyer,
(21:13:51) quaid: stickster: it's going to start rolling out one
book/project at a time, I think, through March
(21:14:09) stickster: So some of that content is going to be available
by FC5 final
(21:14:11) quaid: I'm hoping that we don't have some announcement yet,
but maybe save it for FUDCon
(21:14:21) quaid: as raw content
(21:14:26) quaid: based on RHEL 4, yeah
(21:14:28) quaid: perhaps
(21:14:34) stickster: Even that is a huge boost
(21:14:58) ***stickster thinks about the enormous amount of
organizational effort that paid off in RHEL docs... 
(21:15:04) stickster: standing on those shoulders rocks my world
(21:15:19) megacoder: stickster, then get off my back!
(21:15:36) quaid: yeah, many thousands of pages, eventually
(21:15:37) stickster: ya, mule
(21:15:59) quaid: I'm going to be personally working on the Directory
Server content, and overseeing the rest.
(21:15:59) elliss: Will there be resources to Fedora-ize them ?
(21:16:14) stickster: elliss: Methinks you're lookin' at 'em
(21:16:18) quaid: well
(21:16:20) quaid: more so than that
(21:16:24) quaid: nothing is dumped
(21:16:37) quaid: the writer who owns the books inside is now the
editor-in-chief.lead writer
(21:16:56) quaid: from the Content Services perspective, we're changing
(21:17:10) quaid: as sole copyright holder, etc.
(21:17:20) quaid: and RH will ask for tight ACLs, which has precedence
(21:17:22) G2: Saves the Fedora Project thinking about all this, when RH
has done all the work.
(21:17:33) quaid: but as people contribute and gain copyright ... etc.
(21:17:46) quaid: obviously we are going to be able to use this content
for RHEL 5
(21:18:00) quaid: we == RH
(21:18:10) ***quaid has too many wewewe
(21:18:16) stickster: all the way home
(21:18:26) quaid: ok, so there's some work for us and Websites team
(21:18:39) quaid:
(21:18:51) quaid: so, I'm to do #3 tomorrow
(21:18:58) quaid: giving this a day to sink in
(21:19:10) quaid: then we have to dive right into 4
(21:19:18) quaid: which is to work out the issues
(21:19:24) quaid: mainly, the Wiki is the problem
(21:19:33) quaid: in that there are no CLAs in place.
(21:19:45) quaid: nman64: have you have a chance to give this some
(21:20:10) ***quaid notes to add nman64's *Tag to the schedule of tasks
(21:21:42) nman64: I've only given it a little thought. Obviously, we
need to work out a licensing requirement for the wiki. I'm just not sure
how to enforce it.
(21:22:10) stickster: Enforce == inform new user at account creation?
(21:22:11) G2: HOw about a Javascript Popup? ;-)
(21:22:20) G2: OK == accept
(21:22:23) G2: Ha.
(21:23:44) stickster: community-enforced, just require a signed email to
a list?
(21:23:46) Sonar_Gal [n=aglaser ip70-174-58-25 hr hr cox net] entered
the room.
(21:23:48) nman64: If we could come up with a way to integrate the
EditGroup with the Account System...
(21:24:15) stickster: megacoder, I think the problem is with previous
(21:24:43) stickster: You can't retroactively force someone into a
license without their consent...
(21:25:38) megacoder: If we don't have consent then "rm -rf" the stale
stuff. If we don't have permission, we don't have permission... what's
the problem with losing content you don't have rights to?
(21:26:04) megacoder: Of course, I'd archive it, not delete it, but it
would disappear from public view.
(21:27:04) stickster: I think the idea is that most people will welcome
the licensing since it's definitive, not cloudy, so we don't have to
remove anything
(21:27:04) nman64: That could a bit drastic.
(21:27:10) quaid: problem is with integrated content, too
(21:27:15) quaid: some changes are small and pervasive
(21:27:21) quaid: like, what if mether refused to agree
(21:27:24) quaid: we'd be screwed :D
(21:27:25) stickster: Try backing out one person's changes from some of
these very fluid pages
(21:27:35) stickster: disco :-D
(21:27:37) megacoder: Either the licensing issue is important or it's
(21:27:48) quaid: it is to me, but what do you mean?
(21:27:48) nman64: I'd say it's very important.
(21:27:52) stickster: I think most of us agree it is
(21:28:01) megacoder: We can't pretend that the wiki stuff is
configuration controlled anyway.
(21:28:08) stickster: Especially when we're drafting docs on the Wiki
that will go under the OPL!
(21:28:18) mether: quaid, my contributions are already signed away under
the CLA
(21:28:23) quaid: what about gregdeks way
(21:28:24) quaid: ?
(21:28:35) stickster: mether: we knew we could count on you ;-)
(21:28:36) quaid: mether: j/k comment, I was using you as an example
(21:28:43) quaid: mether: but the CLA doesn't cover the Wiki, does it?
(21:29:19) mether: quaid, its all my contributions. CLA doesnt talk
about specific content
(21:29:35) quaid: awesome, ok
(21:29:35) stickster: The CLA does cover it; the problem is that people
can contribute to the wiki without a CLA in place
(21:29:44) quaid: soe CLA people are covered, the Foundation is telling
us we are now using the OPL
(21:29:49) quaid: we can dual-license if we want
(21:29:54) quaid: but anything that stays has to be OPL
(21:30:00) quaid: stickster: exactly
(21:30:05) quaid: so, greg said:
(21:30:31) quaid: #
(21:30:31) quaid: napshot a list of all wiki users who have accounts
right now. Make that list into a wiki page. Call it the legacy wiki user
OPL agreement page or some such. Put a watch on the page. People who
agree should put a little check or something on the page. With watch, we
should be able to tell if someone is doing something wacky, like
agreeing on behalf of other people.
(21:30:31) quaid: #
(21:30:31) quaid: Add language that says "any content here is OPL
content" to the account creation / login page, BIG AND BOLD so people
can't miss it. ([WWW] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/UserPreferences).
(21:30:33) quaid: #
(21:30:35) quaid: Announce OPL policy -- and point legacy users to the
"lwuOap" page, explaining how to agree to the new policy, and what to do
if you don't (i.e., go and remove your edits.)
(21:30:38) quaid: #
(21:30:40) quaid: Slap OPL on every single page in the footer.
(21:30:42) quaid: #
(21:30:44) quaid: Monitor the watch list for compliance.
(21:30:52) quaid: and that's pretty much Foundation Board approved shit,
(21:31:56) nman64: We could make that list a reverse list of who still
needs to license their contributions, where contributors /remove/ their
name once they agree, rather than place a mark.
(21:32:15) nman64: I'll, of course, watch all changes. ;-)
(21:32:22) quaid: right, us too
(21:32:24) stickster: cool
(21:32:25) megacoder: With no tracability for the wiki stuff, how is
anyone going to establish ownership enough to make a fuss about the
content by claiming ownership of any text whatsoever?
(21:32:28) quaid: we can have a team on that one
(21:32:40) nman64: megacoder: The wiki is traceable.
(21:32:44) quaid: megacoder: we do the right thing because it's the
right thing
(21:32:46) quaid: regardless
(21:32:49) nman64: It stores a complete history of everything.
(21:33:15) megacoder: Then out goes the non-OPL stuff, no hu-hu.
(21:33:15) quaid: now, making it take out UserA's content might be a
(21:33:21) quaid: and we don't want to have to do that.
(21:33:32) quaid: but we can, and will.
(21:33:39) quaid: same with /cvs/docs
(21:33:46) megacoder: Agreed, but without a hard drive, I'm playing
devil's advocate today ;-)
(21:33:49) nman64: We can require that anyone who does not agree is
responsible for removing their own edits.
(21:33:56) quaid: but, if we have to do that, it's because that person
fails to understand and we failed to explain why
(21:33:57) stickster: The good thing about /cvs/docs is no one's in it
without a CLA
(21:34:06) mether: everybody is the current edit group needs to sign
through the process
(21:34:17) mether: and everyone in the future needs to as well
(21:34:22) elliss: Agreed
(21:34:37) quaid: nman64: that would be cool, but we would be the ones
who need them removed, not others ...
(21:34:47) elliss: Relicensing under OPL gives the Foundation no
(21:34:47) quaid: can we set that up _today_?
(21:34:48) mether: we retain the responsibility to remove content 
(21:34:55) quaid: the requirement on future EditGroup additions?
(21:34:57) mether: not the people who have contributed
(21:34:58) nman64: Basically, leaving content is a form of agreement.
(21:35:14) nman64: If they have been informed, anyway.
(21:35:25) mether: we cant violate copyright and then ask them to remove
content themselves
(21:35:25) megacoder: Future content doesn't seem to be the problem. Is
there anyway to have "implied consent" about the wiki? Like have a
cut-off date for the cut-over?
(21:35:30) elliss: nman64: It's nontransferable
(21:35:34) mether: we are liable for not doing it if we dont do it
(21:35:46) quaid: megacoder: [WWW]
(21:35:54) G2: that sounds a bit rough
(21:35:56) quaid: we mirror that, and it's so
(21:36:24) quaid: mether: agreed, we need to remove unlicensed content
(21:36:33) stickster: *nod
(21:36:42) stickster: Just so it doesn't get lost...
(21:36:43) stickster: *********
(21:36:46) megacoder: How can we identify the unlicensed content.
(21:36:48) quaid: s/we/\*/we\*/
(21:36:58) megacoder: s/[.]/?/
(21:36:58) quaid: megacoder: reverse list
(21:36:58) stickster: <quaid> can we set that up _today_?
(21:37:03) nman64: That will be an extreme PITA, no matter what.
(21:37:16) quaid: let's cross the how to remove if we have to
(21:37:17) megacoder: Then it *is* possible to identify the non-OPL
(21:37:20) quaid: and work our asses off to not have to
(21:37:26) quaid: I want to get 100% of EditGroup to sign up
(21:37:30) nman64: megacoder: Possible, but certainly not easy.
(21:37:42) quaid: if I have to appeal to each of them personally
(21:37:53) stickster: We should be able to contact all account holders
personally thru information in their wiki account
(21:38:00) quaid: and anyone who doesn't agree, they have to be removed
from EditGroup
(21:38:07) quaid: stickster: most don't have it
(21:38:13) megacoder: OK, then I'll support the wiki-authors check-off
concept for existing content.
(21:38:17) quaid: oh, account
(21:38:20) quaid: right
(21:38:23) stickster: quaid: yuck on them then
(21:38:38) quaid: well, the account system knows their addres
(21:38:46) quaid: we need to prepare to use peer pressure
(21:38:49) stickster: quaid: If they have one, remember
(21:38:52) quaid: everyone there got there because of someone
(21:39:11) quaid: if we run into someone who needs help getting over the
hump to agree, we go to whoever added them to editGroup for help in
(21:39:12) stickster: cla_done = 316 members
(21:39:29) stickster: quaid: excellent point
(21:39:30) quaid: stickster: can't sign up to the Wiki without an email
addy, right?
(21:39:44) stickster: quaid: that's what I was talking about above
(21:39:46) nman64: Aye, all wiki accounts should have a verified email.
(21:39:56) quaid: we are sure to run into some dead ends
(21:39:59) quaid: people who disappeared
(21:40:00) nman64: Whether or not those emails are current...
(21:40:04) stickster: true
(21:40:04) quaid: but hopefully they made zero or no edits
(21:40:16) megacoder: Isn't the relicensing problem mostly a neglect
issue rather than a refusal issue?
(21:40:17) quaid: maybe we want to focus first on the subset of
EditGroup who have made edits
(21:40:20) nman64: The fun part will be tracking down their
(21:40:24) quaid: megacoder: yes
(21:40:36) stickster: quaid: undoubtedly
(21:40:52) quaid: nman64: eventually the copyright will expire and we'll
take it from the public domain :D
(21:41:06) quaid: nman64: how can we achieve this -today-? ::
(21:41:09) megacoder: Mass mail out would probably catch most
contributers then.
(21:41:14) quaid: Add language that says "any content here is OPL
content" to the account creation / login page, BIG AND BOLD so people
can't miss it. ([WWW] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/UserPreferences).
(21:41:14) stickster: right
(21:41:22) quaid: so it lands on the new sign up template
(21:41:37) quaid: EditGroup /= all users, neccessarily
(21:41:55) quaid: we can use
http://directory.fedora.redhat.com/wiki/ContentLicense as a source
(21:42:01) quaid: or heck, just copy the language right over
(21:42:01) megacoder: The OPL notice is good, mass mail-out is good,
then publish a wiki page of non-responders.
(21:42:20) quaid: megacoder: self-published
(21:42:27) megacoder: But get the OPL in email writing.
(21:42:33) quaid: megacoder: we make EditGroupWhoNeedsToAgreeToOPL
(21:42:40) quaid: and then people take themselves off that page
(21:42:42) G2: what cutoff date shall we set?
(21:42:58) quaid: my aggressive schedule is two weeks
(21:43:13) quaid: get licensing cleared up by FC5
(21:43:19) G2: what if someone is on a 2 week holiday?
(21:43:27) quaid: sunset timing
(21:43:31) G2: and left last night ;-)
(21:43:32) quaid: means, we don't make it a hard date
(21:43:35) nman64: I'll start looking in to how we can make this happen
and get things started today. It might take a few days to get everything
taken care of, as it might require some patches here. The
UserPreferences page isn't a normal wiki page. :-)
(21:43:39) stickster: and sleeps really soundly
(21:43:53) quaid: nman64: ok, the sooner you get UserPref fixed, the
better we sleep
(21:44:06) quaid: the rest we can talk about and fix on list
(21:44:18) stickster: nman64: I just added this checklist to
(21:44:24) quaid: we have approval and Foundation reason to fix the Wiki
license going forward
(21:44:40) quaid: that doesn't need more announcement than I'm doing
(21:44:54) nman64: Sounds good. I've got to take off, but I'll review
the backlog when I return, and post to the list if needed.
(21:45:00) quaid: nman64: you rock, thank you
(21:45:01) stickster: nman64: rock on
(21:45:06) quaid: jinx!
(21:45:10) quaid: well, not really
(21:45:10) stickster: buy me a coke
(21:45:15) quaid: ok, next time
(21:45:38) ***quaid thinks he just scored himself tix to FUDCon Boston
(21:45:42) stickster: Wow, cool!
(21:45:44) quaid: be the perfect time and place to announce all this
(21:45:51) quaid: well, this is my justification
(21:45:59) stickster: clever
(21:46:07) quaid: if anyone can make it, contact me and Alex Meier about
(21:46:19) quaid: she is in charge of knowing that, and I want to know
what's up
(21:46:33) quaid: might make you give a talk of some kind for it, but
that's worth it, right?
(21:46:50) quaid: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon/FUDConBoston2006
(21:46:53) quaid: 7 April 2006
(21:47:11) quaid: you'll get to meet mspevack, right Max?
(21:47:54) quaid: ok, any more on the OPL for today?
(21:48:06) quaid: and many many many thanks to you guys, the pieces are
really coming together
(21:48:07) G2: nope. covered.
(21:48:44) stickster: quaid: Can we throw topics into ring for
discussion, goring?
(21:48:44) quaid: elliss: excellent FAQ, when it makes the Board and
their Lawyer happy, it's got to be good :)
(21:48:48) quaid: sure
(21:48:55) stickster: elliss: second that, first rate job
(21:49:09) elliss: Thanks.
(21:49:16) stickster: quaid: OK: test3 slippage & relnotes
(21:49:33) stickster: Can we do any content editing for better
(21:49:45) stickster: Or is that going to create too much churn for
(21:50:14) quaid: you have to edit in the Wiki and kick it out from
(21:50:19) quaid: or else you have to port edits back, etc.
(21:50:24) stickster: yuck
(21:50:30) quaid: which I just did, which is why I couldn't give it a
readability edit in time
(21:50:43) quaid: test3 is out, afawc
(21:50:55) stickster: Oh, OK
(21:50:57) quaid: last night sometime was the deadline, and they used it
(21:51:01) stickster: I gotcha
(21:51:08) quaid: so we are focused on updates for test3, year
(21:51:17) quaid: s/year/yeah/
(21:51:23) quaid: and fc5 release
(21:51:38) quaid: stickster: sorry, mate, you were eventually going to
have to make Wiki edits ;)
(21:51:43) stickster: OK, will do editing in wiki... np
(21:52:06) stickster: Maybe this is an excuse to look at wiki -> DB
script and improvements...?
(21:52:26) stickster: (for me to do, if time, not implicating anyone)
(21:52:45) quaid: yes
(21:52:52) quaid: that's why it's important to get that smooth
(21:53:01) quaid: so Bob-Laptop can run some commands and build the
(21:53:08) quaid: and not have to hack XML
(21:53:26) quaid: sorry, I unilaterally decided
(21:53:34) quaid: to give up on a blended approach for now and make the
Wiki canonical
(21:53:39) quaid: until we can get them merged again
(21:53:46) quaid: I've seen the inside of Doc-Book Wiki this week
(21:53:47) quaid: btw
(21:53:56) stickster: quaid: It makes sense, no qualms here
(21:54:06) quaid: and that approach is really going to work, no matter
how we tool it
(21:54:11) stickster: Obviously you can't argue with the amount of
content we got from our colophon folks
(21:54:24) quaid: it has Wiki constructs for most structured stuff, then
exposes the rest of the XML for Wiki-interface editing.
(21:54:44) quaid: then we just load a WYSIWYG browser editor and let
them go to town.
(21:54:55) quaid: yeah, dria++
(21:55:24) quaid: she convinced me to follow the Moz dev way of using
the Wiki
(21:55:33) quaid: now we are in the "hack it to work" mode
(21:56:13) elliss: Is it accessible outside RH for Fedora people to poke
at ?
(21:56:33) stickster: I think you just send specially formatted URL
(21:56:37) quaid: elliss: not this install
(21:56:39) stickster: like ?format=xml appended or something
(21:56:42) stickster: Oh
(21:56:43) stickster: nm
(21:56:47) ***stickster is an idiot, never listen to him
(21:56:54) quaid: well, MM has stuff that elliss knows about
(21:56:56) quaid: one sec
(21:57:28) quaid: http://www.soft.inima.al/book/edit.php
(21:57:31) quaid: requires a password
(21:57:51) stickster: Oh right
(21:57:57) G2: Need to dash. Nice meeting guys.
(21:58:02) stickster: G2: g'night
(21:58:11) megacoder: G2, cheers
(21:58:27) quaid: we'll close now
(21:58:33) quaid: URL on docbook wiki coming
(21:59:00) megacoder: aob?
(21:59:05) quaid: sure
(21:59:31) stickster: trans?
(21:59:39) megacoder: I've gotten some translator responses to my email
about .PO files instead of translated XML in CVS.
(22:00:04) megacoder: Everyone seems in favor and those who don't
have .PO files for their translations say NP about re-deriving them.
(22:00:23) quaid: ok, yeah, saw that
(22:00:27) quaid: glad to see response has been good
(22:00:28) stickster: megacoder: Sounds like you're golden, buddy
(22:00:42) megacoder: All I need to to is re-instate my CVS access and
update Makefile.common with as much as I remember? Could take a couple
of days and then bingo!
(22:01:19) megacoder: Just a heads-up really.
(22:01:42) stickster: k
(22:01:47) stickster: aw, crap
(22:01:52) stickster:
(22:01:55) megacoder: I'll need some hints about updating my GPG key.
(22:02:34) quaid: same GPG key, right?
(22:02:43) megacoder: No, lost that one.
(22:02:48) stickster: oh no
(22:02:59) quaid: bummer
(22:03:01) stickster: what, no backup? tsk
(22:03:19) megacoder: That _was_ my backup ;-(
(22:03:33) quaid: moo?
(22:03:43) megacoder: Blessed are the Pessimists, for they shall have
made backups -- The SysAdmin's Beatitude
(22:03:51) quaid: stickster: wtf is going on with 170847, I don't get
(22:04:05) elliss: megacoder: I'm using a pen drive to back mine up now
(22:04:12) stickster: We just got shoved to FC6 target?
(22:04:37) stickster: I thought I asked someone, how do we get content
into fedora-release to cover that
(22:04:55) megacoder: elliss, good idea, bad timing ;-)
(22:05:17) stickster: Is fedora-release closed to us at this point?
(22:05:50) ***stickster uses same keyring all over the place so backup
is natural and organic
(22:06:03) ***quaid too
(22:06:15) quaid: stickster: I still don't get it
(22:06:24) quaid: meaning, we're not in test3 so ...
(22:06:47) stickster: Wait, nothing gets in after test3? I thought
exceptions were made, especially since f-release itself has to change
(22:06:55) quaid: I don't know
(22:07:04) quaid: trying to understand what -you- are saying :)
(22:07:06) stickster: Can you check? I can provide the .xml and .omf
they need
(22:07:12) stickster: Let me explain...
(22:07:16) quaid: k
(22:07:26) stickster: They want a piece of front material that will be
in a Core package, i.e. fedora-release (most natural place)
(22:07:49) stickster: When user hits "Help," thanks to a yelp patch, we
can put that material on the front page -- at least a *link* to that
(22:08:04) stickster: So if we provide a small XML file with "About
Fedora" and some other goodies, it appears right there
(22:08:26) stickster: That requires just the .xml and a .omf file for
yelp to know it's there
(22:08:45) quaid: can we derive that from something or is it
conceptually a stand-alone document?
(22:08:52) stickster: If we provide a .desktop file, that could also
provide "About Fedora" on the Desktop menu right next to "About GNOME"
or "About KDE"
(22:09:12) stickster: quaid: I'm thinking we can, I just don't know
which one is canonical... without info, I could go to f.r.c but that's
sort of scanty
(22:09:19) quaid: how about we put the files in release-notes/ at the
(22:09:34) stickster: That would work
(22:09:47) McGiwer: bye
(22:09:49) stickster: We just have to get fedora-release maintainers to
agree to include them
(22:10:12) megacoder: McGiwer, next time...
(22:10:18) stickster: McGiwer: bye
(22:10:34) stickster: quaid: That works for me
(22:10:35) quaid: yeah, f13 owns it
(22:10:38) stickster: ?
(22:10:42) quaid: stickster: ender
(22:10:43) stickster: fedora-release?
(22:10:44) quaid: jkeating
(22:10:45) quaid: yes
(22:10:53) quaid: can you contact him directly when the files are in
(22:10:58) quaid: or put him on that bug ticet?
(22:11:05) ***quaid needs to run right quick
(22:11:14) stickster: Can anyone suggest a source for that material?
(22:11:33) megacoder: f.d.c?
(22:11:42) megacoder: f.r.c? I'm stupid today.
(22:11:44) stickster: actually.....
(22:11:55) quaid: Docs/Beats/Welcome
(22:12:08) stickster: disco
(22:12:11) stickster: *jinx, almost
(22:12:41) stickster: Hmm, not quite there
(22:13:29) stickster: Wow, fp.o/wiki text at top is quite on point
(22:15:22) stickster: ignacio: Any word on review of the latest
f-doc-common spec?
(22:16:22) stickster:
(22:17:35) stickster: quaid: I have a working Rawhide again today so let
me see what progress I can make
(22:18:24) ***stickster notices "Fedora" in "Welcome to Fedora Core" is
finally blue
(22:18:27) stickster: :-)
(22:21:00) stickster: hmm, quaid never said so... shall we call it?
(22:21:10) ignacio: Looks mostly good, although I do see
"$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_datadir}/fedora/doc/docs-common" an awful lot.
(22:21:29) ignacio: Also, why not put just %{_datadir}/fedora in %files?
(22:22:00) stickster: ignacio: I was building on FC4...
(22:22:20) ignacio: You lost me...
(22:22:30) stickster: sorry, continuing sentence
(22:22:44) stickster: ...I believe I did a round owning either that or
%{_datadir}/fedora/doc, and it did not pick up ownership of the
(22:23:14) stickster: When I did "yum remove fedora-doc-common", with no
other subordinate content installed, those dirs were left as cruft
(22:23:21) ignacio: Strange. It ought to be recursive.
(22:23:26) stickster: That's what I thought too
(22:23:30) megacoder: +yup,bug
(22:23:57) megacoder: +i.e.,behavior contrary to published
(22:24:09) stickster: I will retest but I'm sure you put that in your
initial review, and I went through that review thoroughly
(22:24:30) ignacio: How do I build the package myself? I've checked out
(22:24:46) stickster: That's it, just cd docs-common && make
(22:24:50) stickster: Oops, make rpm
(22:25:24) ***ignacio found a bug in the makefile
(22:25:40) stickster: Do tell
(22:25:42) ***megacoder wonders at "just one?"
(22:25:51) stickster: down boy
(22:26:04) ignacio: I redefine %_build_name_fmt, so the package isn't
under the noarch subdir.
(22:26:09) megacoder: I keep telling you, it's that darned knoppix!
(22:26:37) stickster: Heh
(22:29:27) ignacio:
(22:29:32) stickster: </meeting>


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