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IRC Log FDSCo Meeting 21 February 2006

(21:05:18) ***quaid breaks open
(21:05:36) quaid: we can give stickster a few minutes to get unstuck
from traffic
(21:06:06) ghenry: I will be nipping back and forth trying to fix the
server, so please bear with me
(21:06:15) quaid: megacoder: i did the right thing with the
release-notes Makefile, right?
(21:06:15) elliss: ghenry: Very good to hear. There's definitely a
shortage of good docs for getting started with OpenLDAP.
(21:06:31) ghenry: It's easy when you knwo how ;-)
(21:06:42) quaid: ghenry: tried Fedora Directory Server yet?
(21:06:58) ghenry: Too much of a beast in my eyes, but no.
(21:07:04) ghenry: Should do when I get time
(21:07:04) quaid: megacoder: meaning, I pulled in the new Makefile from
(21:07:18) quaid: oh, it's sizey all right
(21:08:00) megacoder: quaid, looked OK to me, but I haven't gone deep
(21:08:07) quaid: ok, just making sure i got the right idea
(21:08:10) quaid: I haven't tested it yet
(21:08:18) quaid: need a newer FC or some docbook package
(21:08:47) megacoder: quaid, I can't test it either ATM, I'm rebuilding
from my HD crash from last week.
(21:09:10) quaid: righto
(21:09:30) quaid: megacoder: you know, I have this handy little script
that I used to rsync every hour ...
(21:09:37) megacoder: But I don't see anything serious enough to revoke
your CVS rights...
(21:09:41) Eitchugo left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(21:09:45) quaid: sometimes it's annoying, but each time my laptop
harddrive has died, it makes me so happy.
(21:09:48) quaid: thanks
(21:10:02) quaid: working on it, though, and someday I hope to be a
serious fuckup!
(21:10:24) megacoder: quaid, I'd need an rsync dest, no? Making offers?
(21:10:36) quaid: oh
(21:10:39) quaid: right, yeah
(21:10:46) quaid: I could if I had another disk!
(21:10:57) quaid: "But ... there's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear
Liza ..."
(21:11:20) quaid: ok, all active members save stickster are present
(21:11:23) quaid: so I'm going to open
(21:11:31) quaid: so's we can all be done on time :)
(21:11:33) quaid: <meeting>
(21:11:47) quaid: and to start, nman64++ for pushing us nicely into
relicensing land
(21:12:10) ***megacoder claps politely
(21:12:55) quaid: so far, so good, only a few complaints I've heard of
(21:14:50) quaid: so, I'm changing the first task to read an in progress
on OPL changes
(21:16:33) quaid: anything on that topic from the assembled?
(21:16:37) quaid: or nman64 et al?
(21:22:34) quaid: okey dokey :)
(21:23:07) quaid: stickster isn't here to tell us about docs packages in
Extras for FC5, does anyone else know if/what is?
(21:24:11) megacoder: Not I
(21:24:50) ***quaid is behind there, too
(21:25:29) quaid: ok, I think the hottest thing on our agenda is the
Wiki to XML conversion process
(21:26:01) quaid: nman64 has asked/suggested we move some of the
infrasructure off his machine, but I think we need an updated MoinMoin
to get that
(21:26:14) quaid: we've got two areas of concern:
(21:26:28) quaid: i) now until FC5 with minimal problems
(21:26:38) quaid: ii) tear it all up and figure out something better for
(21:26:45) quaid: now, I want to talk about ii, but it's not pressing :)
(21:27:14) quaid: StillBob: perhaps we can find a way to move some extra
time into the schedule for problems like we always have
(21:27:23) quaid: and just do our manual process to get through fc5
(21:27:26) StillBob: Yup
(21:27:34) ***quaid guessed at the right computer!
(21:27:59) quaid: right, there is still value in the current process, if
anything to use as compost for the next-gen
(21:30:09) StillBob: as I learn the process I will try to do what it
takes to be on schedule for the release notes between now and the fc5
(21:30:25) quaid: no worries, we'll get it
(21:30:47) quaid: paul and I worked through quite a bit of this last
weekend, so we've a good idea of the issues involved
(21:31:02) quaid: we were mixing XIncludes with DocBook entities, and it
was a rough time :)
(21:31:18) StillBob: I watched quietly
(21:31:26) StillBob: ;^)
(21:32:30) quaid: ok, I'll talk with nman64 and Sopwith later about what
we need to get through fc5
(21:32:38) quaid: we can talk about fc6 after fc5 is out the door, I
(21:32:39) quaid: :)
(21:33:06) quaid: but a sneak preview is that I'm going to be showing
around the feature-set of Doc-Book Wiki as "What we must have," and
seeing if we can challenge ourselves to make it happne.
(21:33:16) quaid: I'll even pick up Python to do it, if I have to :P
(21:33:48) quaid: ok, I skipped DocsRawhide, going to postpone more talk
until post-FC5
(21:33:53) ***quaid notes that
(21:34:14) quaid: same for recruiting, we've got our hands full with our
crew right now :)
(21:34:23) quaid: but that's definitely a big one for me ... post FC5
(21:35:39) quaid: ok, on to Trans ...
(21:36:23) quaid: I sent another follow-up to the FTrans leadership this
morning, giving them these details:
(21:36:29) quaid: "make po"
(21:36:31) quaid: basiclaly
(21:37:04) quaid: we are asking them to manually load just the
release-notes into their tool for community translation. They'll have to
manually load the .po files back in to our CVS.
(21:37:32) quaid: post-FC5 we can do more.
(21:37:45) megacoder: A well-timed "make xml-de" will let them see the
fruits of their labor.
(21:37:48) quaid: so, if aalam has any questions about this, please
contact us
(21:37:51) quaid: ah, cool
(21:38:19) quaid: I don't know yet if they want to
(21:38:27) quaid: load up the .po files early and then update the -en
(21:38:28) quaid: or
(21:38:33) quaid: wait until we freeze certainly.
(21:38:51) megacoder: The sequence is: create the ${PRI_LANG} XML, "make
po", edit the .pot files, and "make html-de". Repeat until happy. Send
us the .po files.
(21:38:52) quaid: either way, aalam is going to do a -pa test run
(21:39:16) quaid: make xml-de or html-de
(21:39:19) megacoder: I await aalam's results and/or questions.
(21:39:28) quaid: and is de == "my language code"
(21:39:47) elliss: Where do things stand with other documents ?
(21:39:52) megacoder: Yeah, "xml-${LOCALE}", et. al.
(21:40:06) quaid: I'm a little concerned that there is something being
lost .. in translation.
(21:40:15) quaid: I'm not positive that we are moving as-one with Fedora
Trans on this or not
(21:40:32) quaid: elliss: for example, for loading into the trans
(21:40:45) quaid: elliss: I really wanted to get them in the same CVS,
instead of doing manual processes
(21:40:52) quaid: but we can do the manual, if we can line up someone to
do the work on their system
(21:41:07) quaid: it will make the total CVS history broken, but it's
all going to be new stuff in six months anyway.
(21:42:30) elliss: Yuan Yijun had issues with the IG, and couldn't
really advise him as to whether it should work or not
(21:42:49) quaid: right
(21:43:17) quaid: I wish xi was convenient as &FOO;
(21:43:18) megacoder: Yeah, we need to revisit the whole entity concept
and make the <DOCTYPE> language neutral.
(21:43:30) quaid: ok
(21:44:24) elliss: I understood from Paul that the entities file
declaration was an issue - is this a showstopper ?
(21:44:37) megacoder: Like, we could copy the boilerplate from the
"docs-common/common" stuff into a local file, use "xmlstarlet" or the
like to edit in place the proper localized entities.
(21:45:07) megacoder: elliss, we could add some pre-processing to work
around that if it's the deal killer.
(21:46:49) megacoder: Think of it like a pre-processing XSL stylesheet
that would transform &FOO; into <xsl:value-of select="foo.en"/> or
(21:47:29) megacoder: I'd nominate stickster to do the stylesheet, he's
liking that sort of thing. Besides, he isn't here ;-)
(21:47:42) StillBob: lol
(21:47:46) elliss: I'm looking for his mail in the archive...he did some
kind of work around, but I'm not sure if it worked 100%
(21:48:10) megacoder: Point is, workarounds are possible given the
necesssary urgency about an issue.
(21:48:49) elliss: The RH site isn't responding...
(21:48:50) megacoder: I think for the RelNotes, they resorted to brute
force s/&FOO;/what is foo anyway/g sort of things.
(21:49:03) megacoder: Not scalable.
(21:50:12) StillBob: elliss: IIRC Sopwith was going to be doing some
things this afternoow
(21:51:39) elliss: OK. Can you post to the docs- or -trans list if you
have some info, so that Yuan Yijun can pick it up ?
(21:52:56) megacoder: elliss, Whom? Meem?
(21:54:07) elliss: Anybody, really.
(21:55:45) elliss: He seemed unclear, and I'm not clear how to help him
beyond testing that the en/ files are OK (which I did).
(21:58:38) megacoder: I can do a short post to docs- asking about any
problems; that should flush him out.
(21:59:33) elliss: Thanks.
(22:00:27) elliss: I feel guilty about basically having to say "don't
(22:00:57) megacoder: elliss, it's easy, I do it all the time.
(22:02:15) ***quaid drifted into a phone call
(22:02:42) elliss: "Is you document broke ?" "don't know, it works in
English" :|
(22:03:05) megacoder left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(22:03:27) megacoder
[n=reynolds adsl-065-005-229-109 sip lft bellsouth net] entered the
(22:03:47) ***megacoder manages to crash xchat
(22:09:30) ghenry left the room (quit: "Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]").
(22:20:50) megacoder: Are we still meeting?
(22:21:32) elliss: quaid ?
(22:21:44) quaid: </meeting>


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