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IRC Log FDSCo Meeting 31 January 2006

(21:08:24) quaid: <meeting>
(21:09:48) quaid:
(21:10:28) quaid: anyone had any thoughts or writing about the OPL this
(21:10:50) megacoder: And the choir said "amen".
(21:11:01) stickster: Aye
(21:11:12) ***megacoder means "agree with the done deal"
(21:11:26) ***stickster nervously thinks that he was supposed to send
something to list and failed
(21:11:29) quaid: right
(21:11:37) quaid: we discussed a gentle blog-like introduction
(21:11:40) quaid: from a non
(21:11:46) quaid: non redhat com poison
(21:11:54) quaid: but that's not rew
(21:11:56) quaid: required
(21:12:01) quaid: <-- fat fingers
(21:12:05) ***stickster remembers now.... D'OH!
(21:12:06) megacoder: "poison"?
(21:12:10) quaid: person
(21:12:15) stickster: nyuk nyuk
(21:12:17) quaid: morale++
(21:14:33) megacoder: I added the anti-GPL3 reference from linux.
(21:14:33) ***quaid happy happy joy joy
(21:14:45) stickster: Rrr?
(21:16:03) quaid: sorry, I'm delivering a report in a very long IRC
meeting at the same time
(21:16:18) quaid: ok, I'm the $BIG_CHEESE so I get ot write upt he
(21:16:21) quaid: right
(21:16:45) quaid: I'll do a draft on f-dsco-l, which previews it
publically, before f-docs-l and .. f-devel-l?
(21:16:54) quaid: seems like it matters to all developers, too
(21:17:07) stickster: f-announce-l, maybe f-maintainers-l
(21:17:13) mumumu_
[n=narinari p22191-adsau16honb12-acca tokyo ocn ne jp] entered the room.
(21:17:22) quaid: does it matter to f-announce?
(21:17:29) quaid: aren't all of f-maintainers on f-devel?
(21:17:55) stickster: re: f-maintainers-l, good point... for
f-announce-l, I would say a major licensing change is worth while
(21:18:02) quaid: ok
(21:19:41) elliss: If you drop the Licensing FAQ on to the Wiki you
could link to it on the mail.
(21:19:43) stickster: Sorry I dropped the ball on this one, can only
plead "out of pocket" most of week
(21:27:06) quaid: ok
(21:29:16) quaid: I'm distracted a bit
(21:29:31) quaid: stickster: can you take over the task roll through for
(21:29:38) quaid: keep the confab going, so I'm not stalling us up
(21:29:42) stickster: k
(21:29:55) stickster: OPL: done with that topic?
(21:30:55) stickster: OK, silence gives consent
(21:31:04) stickster: DocsRawhide, let's skip since quaid is rather busy
(21:31:19) stickster: Packaging...
(21:31:32) stickster: Tommy, are things building for you now that you
chased down local issues?
(21:32:01) stickster: megacoder: Sorry, should have tagged you at the
beginning of that last line
(21:32:18) megacoder: Yeah, I had some trouble because emacs was leaving
some '#foo#' files around that borked the RPM build. That should be OK
(21:32:37) megacoder: Or maybe they were '.#foo'; doesn't matter.
(21:32:40) stickster: WORKSFORME too fwiw
(21:32:46) megacoder: Great
(21:33:11) stickster: Discovered a yelp bug I am tryng to track down to
send upstream... Glossary (i.e. Jargon Buster) is futzed due to
(21:33:29) megacoder: Quaid posted that he would like the *-${LANG}.xml
files broken into language-specific subdirectories.
(21:33:37) mumumu left the room (quit: Connection timed out).
(21:33:47) stickster: Yeah, I'm not sure how to handle that with the
relnotes trans freeze
(21:33:58) quaid: let's look at that for fc5, if it matters
(21:34:06) quaid: we are at bust for the size of l10n files we have
(21:34:19) stickster: quaid: Agreed... too many cats to herd before gold
(21:34:25) quaid: just not sure when Fedora Trans is going to i) move to
cvs.fedora so that, ii) we can be part of their system.
(21:34:42) megacoder: I have the Makefile.common changes needed ready to
check in, but I'll need Sopwith's help to move the files around and not
loose the history.
(21:35:09) megacoder: This change will also require major packaging-fu
(21:35:25) stickster: megacoder: I think that was the reason we were
going to wait until FC5 got out and some docs with it
(21:35:49) megacoder: Awrigh' by me
(21:35:56) stickster: but if we gotta do it now for some reason, then
I'll kick some tush
(21:36:51) stickster: One issue with packaging: Making sure our spec
file meets muster
(21:37:05) stickster: ignacio: ping
(21:38:13) stickster: ignacio: If you are available, I'd like you to
look over two spec files, one a fairly complete as-is for our "common
files" RPM, the other an XSL skeleton for our individual docs... I would
like to get your comments before I go to FE with individual doc packages
(21:39:02) Sopwith: megacoder: How can I help? :)
(21:39:07) megacoder: While he's answering... I've come around to liking
the per-${LANG} rpm-info-${LANG}.xml file idea
(21:39:38) stickster: megacoder: OK, that means some pkg-fu surgery, we
can deal with this without too much heartache, methinks
(21:40:02) megacoder: Sopwith; the plan is to ultimately put each
language document into its own subdir. I can create the necessary
subdirs but I'll need you, Sopwith, to move the CVS files around when
the time comes.
(21:40:10) stickster: Anyone have a clue who I should tickle about
getting a package group for "Documentation"? (i.e. "Development Tools,"
"Web Server," et al.)
(21:40:40) megacoder: Tickle me; it won't get the group created, but
I'll like it. Probably the Anaconda maintainer, I forget who.
(21:40:51) stickster: Jeremy, I think
(21:41:58) quaid: oh, yeah
(21:42:01) quaid: I'm being stoopid
(21:42:10) quaid: of course we need to solve this in our CVS, the
translations won't move
(21:42:17) stickster: I'm thinking the best way to get katzj attention
is a BZ
(21:42:28) quaid: i18n.r.c/magic-fu will just pull from our repo
(21:42:39) quaid: stickster: bz++
(21:43:02) megacoder: Which is the chicken and which is the egg?
(21:46:37) stickster: ok, moving along then
(21:46:54) stickster: Anybody have a MoinMoin report? Is nman64 around?
(21:47:14) quaid: I'm not finding it easy to switch to XIncludes in mid
(21:47:21) quaid: that's why I'm focusing on fixing the Wiki
(21:47:31) quaid: and abandonign the old XML and old ENTITY declaratiosn
(21:47:35) megacoder: Before we move on, I wanna know whether the CVS is
driving the i18n linking or the other way round?
(21:47:51) quaid: first, I think
(21:48:02) quaid: they need to move CVSes, higher priority item with no
time yet to do it
(21:48:15) quaid: and once that it done, it is easy to link us in
(21:48:29) quaid: to do it now would require, iirc, mirroring our CVS in
and out
(21:48:29) megacoder: OK, let me know when we can do the CVS reorg.
(21:48:31) quaid: so, new code, etc.
(21:48:42) quaid: anytime ... after test3 is out
(21:48:45) quaid: stickster: sound ok?
(21:49:06) megacoder: FWIW, I joined the i.r.c as a "translator", just
so I could get some access.
(21:49:55) stickster: quaid: ok by me... 
(21:50:30) ***stickster thinks that sort of covers trans process too, by
the way
(21:50:47) quaid: megacoder: cool
(21:51:06) stickster: Are we going to make deadline for relnotes for t3?
(21:51:20) stickster: (not meant snarkily, trying to figure out how to
(21:51:51) quaid: trans deadline is past, so the first answer is, now
(21:51:54) quaid: but how to help, yeah baby
(21:52:02) quaid: got to Docs/Beats
(21:52:09) quaid: and work your way up from the bottom
(21:52:13) quaid: I'm working my way down
(21:52:20) quaid: syncing content _From_ the XML to the Wiki
(21:52:27) quaid: Wiki is now canonical
(21:52:36) quaid: we are giving up, for now, on perfect XML, etc.
(21:52:48) quaid: we are going to figure out how to stitch together
whatever the Wiki gives us using XIncludes.
(21:53:05) quaid: so, we are retiring the old XML in place of generated
XML from the Wiki, for now
(21:55:00) megacoder: So then we'll have XML documents and "release
(21:55:12) Sopwith: megacoder: The i18n migration is on the
infrastructure TODO list, but right now it's blocked on Bernd. If you
hear anything, please make sure the sysadmins know :)
(21:55:57) quaid: Sopwith: you know ...
(21:55:58) megacoder: right, wilco
(21:56:18) quaid: Sopwith: bernd said to me that he can't really use
help in the connecting us to him part, that it would take more time to
explain than to do
(21:56:19) quaid: but 
(21:56:29) quaid: Sopwith: perhaps you could offer to help him with CVS
(21:56:35) quaid: I mean, offer to do it somehow
(21:56:51) SubNuke left the room ("Parting").
(21:57:06) Sopwith: quaid: It's not CVS itself that is the problem -
it's the web apps that need migrating.
(21:57:12) quaid: ah
(21:57:16) stickster:
(21:58:51) G2: I was supposed to be here, but Ben is a pain in the arse.
(21:58:54) G2: Sorry guys.
(21:58:59) G2: Just sat back down.
(21:59:12) stickster: G2: parenting is a kick in the tush, ain't it? np
(21:59:28) G2: oh yeah.
(21:59:41) ***quaid has a five-year-old who has discovered full arm
belly punches to show Dad she is unhappy
(22:00:25) megacoder: Wait until they're older and bring home an AK-47
(22:00:46) megacoder: To show they're unhappy.
(22:01:10) Sonar_Gal left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(22:01:21) stickster: OK, so I've bugged the anaconda maint team, q.v.
above... once I get ignacio or someone to comment on the spec files we
should be rarin' to go, I'll get packages entered in Extras, at least
for yum guide, the canonical guides (Dev, Doc and Trans), and the
translation QSG
(22:02:10) ***G2 off. night
(22:02:13) G2 left the room ("See you all tomorrow.").
(22:02:30) megacoder: Whoo-whee!
(22:02:35) Sonar_Gal [n=aglaser ip70-174-58-25 hr hr cox net] entered
the room.
(22:02:50) quaid: productive group, what!
(22:02:57) stickster: wot-wot
(22:05:05) stickster: quaid: You can remove mirror tutorial objective
from P2 list on wiki, it's published and receiving bugs every once in a
while... have one to fix currently, as a matter o' fact
(22:08:52) stickster: Anybody still here?
(22:09:01) ***quaid is
(22:09:08) quaid: just updating the schedule
(22:09:14) nman64: Not exactly "still", but I'm here.
(22:10:05) stickster: Okey doke, I think that kind of wraps up the P1
stuff then
(22:11:17) quaid: yeah, we can stop there, we have enough with that
(22:13:46) stickster: k
(22:17:03) stickster: *sigh*
(22:19:15) megacoder: </meeting>?


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