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FDSCo report for 6 June

(I'm going to cover three needs here, one of reporting to Fedora News on
what is happening this week in FDP, the second of reporting the same to
Max, and third to provide some minutes for this weeks meeting.

Max, Thomas -- if you want us to use an alternate reporting address,
format, or details, just let me know and we will next time.)

Today FDSCo discussed moving our Web presences to Zope/Plone on

Our goal is to make our new Plone instance on fedoraproject.org the
publish point with a content workflow.  This is a publishing point for
formal Fedora Documentation, which differs from much of the one-off
documents produced by other Fedora sub-projects.  Fedora Documentation
is fully tested, edited, and available for translation.  It uses XML as
a source or transition state, allowing for useful and interesting
effects.  A full-featured toolchain and processes provide for a complete
FLOSS documenting set.  FDP is scaling to address all of Fedora's
documentation needs, and beyond.

Here is the current vision for workflow; it incorporates near-term goals
and end-of-Summer( of Code) goals.

Draft    <->     Edit   <->    CMS Edit       -> CMS Publish
Wiki                 \-> XML -> CVS  -> Plone -> docs.fedoraproject.org
XML in CVS                          <-> Plone -> docs.fedoraproject.org
XHTML in Plone       (-> XML/CVS ->)    Plone -> docs.fedoraproject.org

A document authored in the Wiki can stay in the Wiki as an original
source, using XML in CVS -> Plone all as build targets.

Once a document is authored in XML directly, current plan is to leave
Wiki and stay in XML, with XHTML in Plone as a build target.

A document authored in Plone is XHTML and can stay that way, but does
not gain the toolchain advantages (translation, multiple output formats,
etc.).  We are exploring either using XML/XSL under Plone, or having a
useful XHTML -> XML conversion.  However, the latter loses data
resolution and is sub-optimal.

All of this is in under fedoraproject.org and is exposed at the vhost

That page is going to be canonical for all formal Fedora Documentation.
In addition, any draft or sub-project maintained documents can/will be
linked from there, using some smart-folders, queries, and the like.
These are going to be shown in a subordinate status as not being as
rigorously authored and maintained as formal Fedora Documentation.

With these processes in place, we are better set to scale the team with
non- and semi-technical writers, editors, and translators.  People who
felt unable to enter the door should find it easier to do so.  Users
will have one (not two, three, or more) places to find Fedora

Schedule (current)
14 June Wednesday -- Plone Show-and-tell
   - Content TBD
End of June -- Wiki usable for outputting XML for CMS
June, July  -- Work on automating various outputs and inputs

- Karsten
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