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thinking about growing the committee

Before I dive into a day of bug fixing, I want to get the PMC[1] members
thinking about some stuff related ya'll selves.

There are lots of reasons to grow the PMC membership, and it's been a
goal from the beginning.  We started with a manageable number, and I
think we have enough process and experience in place to grow

So, I made it a goal as the Large Cheese to see our size double by this
time next year.  Larger might be OK, but double seemed like a reasonable
goal.  Like all good leaders, I'm pushing the actual work out to other
people.  Well, I have to create the process docs and other supporting
pieces to allow us to sanely grow, but that's easy, right?

I'd like you all to keep your eyes open for someone you can personally
mentor into doing the same kind or a dissimilar role as yourself.  Part
of that is pure sanity, you want to make sure you can take a break or be
semi-active and still have the bus keep on truckin'.  It's nice for lots
of other reasons.  It looks like I'm already doing this with Bob Jensen,
but I'm not claiming him for exclusivity. :)  I'm open to doing more
than one person myself, and you all can consider the same thing.

Myself, I'm looking into what I can do with the same in my position.
Maybe set the mid-year as a time to define and see elected a co-chair?
Get someone else used to the hot seat before next February.

For those who haven't seen or memorized my (proposed) Chairdude Goals
for 2006:


cheers - Karsten

[1] PMC is Project Management Committee, FESCo was the first, FDSCo was
the second, and so forth.

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