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IRC Log FDSCo Meeting 14 March 2006

(21:08:32) quaid: <meeting>
(21:08:39) quaid: although we can be building the release-notes with our
(21:09:52) stickster: If no one else here is running FC5 (Rawhide), I'll
test those builds while we work
(21:10:04) quaid: ok
(21:10:11) ***quaid is committing the pa.po entities file
(21:10:13) quaid: it went in
(21:10:35) quaid: the Makefile should be updated for pa as well
(21:10:50) stickster: I think it already is
(21:10:56) stickster: It shows "active" in my copy I just updated
(21:11:11) quaid: yes
(21:11:36) aalam: quaid, thanks
(21:11:42) quaid: sure
(21:11:56) quaid:
(21:12:03) quaid: well, we're not quite at post-release but darn close
(21:12:50) quaid: so, about the OPL change ...
(21:12:58) megacoder: quaid, Sopwith, still a mystery why quad could
commit pa.po but aalam couldn't.
(21:13:16) BobJensen: OK I am here now
(21:13:20) quaid: for the most part it has gone well and so forth, but
we do need to do something about the jargon buster
(21:14:22) stickster: quaid: Yes, I suggest (1) remove from f.r.c
temporarily, and (2) I'll diff against original commits to see what we
need to remove
(21:14:39) elliss: There's page on the Wiki that does something similar,
and a RH doc as well, so we could just drop it.
(21:14:44) stickster: It shouldn't be as hard as it sounds; although it
may remove a lot of material, I feel comfortable replacing it
(21:14:57) stickster: elliss: We want it available in packages on a
non-connected system though
(21:15:10) quaid: we could look at single-sourcing, though
(21:15:18) stickster: That would be fine
(21:15:28) Sopwith: megacoder: Heya, I'm here now :)
(21:15:50) stickster: But I'm not inclined to do that until the
single-sourcing is seamless -- and I don't consider the relnotes process
something I want to do for other docs :-)
(21:15:57) quaid: word
(21:16:05) quaid: but we need to be able to
(21:16:06) stickster: (disclaimer: always my $0.02 of course, no offense
to anyone intended)
(21:16:31) megacoder: Sopwith, earlier aalam was getting "permissions
denied" when trying to commit "docs-common/common/entities/pa.po,v";
although quaid had no trouble. Ideas?
(21:16:32) MicroBob left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(21:16:48) quaid: I need to find a way to get an Infrastructure team
focused on providing the same functions in MoinMoin
(21:17:11) stickster: megacoder: Is it possible he checked out
anonymously? Or did he do a commit in the same module, another flie?
Sorry, log is spotty due to my popping in and out
(21:17:18) quaid: Sopwith: we tried all the local envars and such,
seemed fine, also 'cvs -t' was ok
(21:17:20) Sopwith: megacoder: aalam is not in the 'cvsdocs' group.
(21:17:29) quaid: oh!
(21:17:34) megacoder: Q.E.D
(21:17:35) stickster: aha
(21:17:37) quaid: but how did he commit to release-notes?
(21:17:46) Sopwith: He has overall ssh access because he is in the
'cvsfedora' group.
(21:18:24) quaid: oh, he didn't do the content commit ... that was a
different translator?
(21:18:59) ***quaid always forgets the cvs* groups, kind of invisible
(21:19:34) stickster: Hmm, there are no "pa" common entities in
(21:19:58) stickster: May not be a problem... hang on, will copy in
en_US template for now
(21:20:00) quaid: i just committed one to common/entities/ ?
(21:20:16) stickster: I see
(21:20:27) stickster: It's a local build problem ;-)
(21:20:53) stickster: Oops, no, it's a
docs-common/common/entities/Makefile problem
(21:21:44) ghenry: switching
(21:21:46) ghenry left the room (quit: "oops").
(21:22:41) stickster: Well, there's definitely no
"legalnotice-relnotes-pa.xml" in docs-common/common
(21:23:02) aalam: stickster, no such file
(21:23:12) quaid: do we have a definitive list of which files need
(21:23:13) quaid: ?
(21:23:15) stickster: There needs to be :-)
(21:23:22) ***quaid notes in the schedule about the jargon-buster
and ...
(21:23:36) stickster: quaid: Probably not... probably because the number
was so small (at one time at least)
(21:23:52) quaid: yes
(21:24:13) megacoder: stickster, have you updated the
(21:24:44) stickster: just now :-)
(21:24:45) ***quaid looks at DocsRawhide
(21:24:49) quaid: something funny has been happening there ...
(21:24:54) stickster: No kidding :-D
(21:25:01) quaid: http://webtest.fedora.redhat.com/docs/
(21:25:13) stickster: Patrick and I need to debug this but it's
difficult without my having shell access there... he sent me a log I
think... lemme see
(21:25:16) quaid: sometimes directories appear and disappear, and I
can't necc. get a working build
(21:25:30) megacoder: stickster, and the entities-pa.*?
(21:25:44) quaid: ok, we can shelf the DocsRawhide for now
(21:25:48) quaid: table, whatever
(21:25:53) stickster: megacoder: Whoops
(21:25:55) stickster: hang on
(21:26:13) stickster: I always forget that this module changes the rules
(21:26:38) stickster: OK, done
(21:26:42) megacoder: stickster, yeah, that's its whole raison detre' or
(21:26:55) stickster: Reason for being Dieter?
(21:27:12) megacoder: That is so bingo!
(21:27:50) stickster: jeremy is asking about release-notes translations
(21:27:54) stickster: (q.v. #fedora-devel)
(21:29:03) stickster: OK, so how about that legalnotice-relnotes?
(21:29:30) ghenry [n=chatzill mail suretecsystems com] entered the room.
(21:29:47) Sonar_Guy [n=sglaser fedora/sonarguy] entered the room.
(21:29:52) stickster: aalam: If you're able to do that one real quick
like, I think we can get this out the door
(21:30:28) megacoder: stickster, how can that be done quicklike? Doesn't
that take some lawyer talk?
(21:30:50) ghenry: Is release date still 20th?
(21:30:52) quaid: this this the wrapper text, right?
(21:30:55) quaid: ghenry: yes
(21:30:55) stickster: No, that one's plain English (ahem, sorry) because
it refers to the actual legal notice instead
(21:30:58) BobJensen: ghenry: Roger
(21:31:03) ghenry: cool
(21:31:18) quaid: yes, it's the one that appears at the top of the page,
right? that links to the web notes and legalnotice
(21:31:24) stickster: correct
(21:31:31) stickster: it's only a couple sentences, no legalese
(21:31:43) quaid: aalam: yes, that is a short one to translate, can you
do that one quickly?
(21:31:55) aalam: quaid, stickster sure
(21:31:56) quaid: sorry we do not have a canonical list of what to
(21:32:05) stickster: docs-common/common/legalnotice-relnotes-pa.xml
(21:32:16) aalam: stickster, thanks
(21:32:17) Eitch: humm
(21:32:25) Eitch: i also didn't translated legal*
(21:32:25) stickster: aalam: no, thank YOU! :-)
(21:32:52) stickster: Eitch: you have time if you do it right now
(21:32:53) aalam: :)
(21:33:02) stickster: just
(21:33:20) Eitch: I thought that legal translations were not to be done
(21:33:22) Eitch: but ok
(21:33:30) Eitch: checking out
(21:33:36) stickster: Obviously you guys can ignore the comment text ;-)
(21:33:51) stickster: Eitch: this one isn't truly legal text, so it's OK
(21:34:48) ***stickster thinks we should probably change the name at
some point, or at least include a comment, so it's not so misleading
(21:34:57) quaid: yes, agreed
(21:35:04) quaid: and have that list of files that need translating :)O
(21:35:10) stickster: yes
(21:35:26) megacoder: Was that a Snidely Whiplash emoticon?
(21:35:32) stickster: Mwahahaha
(21:35:43) quaid: ha!
(21:36:12) Eitch: what is the deadline? one hour? two hours? :D
(21:36:20) ghenry: 30mins
(21:36:25) stickster: If that :-D
(21:36:27) BobJensen: 10 minutes
(21:36:40) stickster: Eitch: as quick as you can! :-)
(21:36:41) Eitch: omg
(21:36:53) Eitch: :P
(21:36:55) Eitch: ok
(21:36:57) BobJensen: Jeremy is getting jumpy
(21:37:10) ***stickster leads crowd in chanting "Go! Go! Go!"
(21:37:12) Eitch: hum, it is a short one
(21:37:15) stickster: Very
(21:37:16) Eitch: it'll be easy
"fedora-entities-en_US.ent"> -> leave this or use
(21:37:50) stickster: switch it
(21:37:56) Eitch: ok
(21:38:59) quaid: for any others, we'll leave the English, right?
(21:39:04) quaid: or will this cover all?
(21:39:15) stickster: Right
(21:40:44) Eitch: commited
(21:40:49) stickster: Eitch: sweet!
(21:41:16) Eitch: anymore things?
(21:41:20) EvilBob: Email from Andrew Re: RU translation
(21:42:04) stickster: Did he complete the missing sections?
(21:43:01) stickster: megacoder: I've been wondering whether we should
make better use of xmllint in our bulid process
(21:43:15) stickster: sometimes xmlto is not as flexible as
preprocessing with xmllint and then running xmlto
(21:43:17) megacoder: sure. why not?
(21:43:47) megacoder: What flexiblilty are you after?
(21:44:22) stickster: The serialization of entities into the document
seems to be different between our normal build process and the
heretofore working packaging process
(21:44:50) megacoder: ??????
(21:44:55) stickster: I think I can figure out the Right Thing to do,
just need to run some tests before I propose a strategy
(21:45:19) stickster: I'm probably misusing terms... I mean the order in
which things are parsed in conjunction with the normal XInclude process
(21:46:17) stickster: EvilBob: The "ru" looks good!
(21:46:19) megacoder: I'd like to see the problem before considering if
a solution is necesssary.
(21:46:42) stickster: megacoder: Makes sense, I can send you a build log
after I verify my locale "fixes" are good
(21:46:58) megacoder: Bueno
(21:48:29) stickster: quaid:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Translation might be a good
place for the "which common files to translate" list
(21:48:57) quaid: ok, I have the pa legal notice one sec
(21:49:02) ghenry: brb
(21:49:04) quaid: yes
(21:49:06) ghenry left the room (quit: "Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]").
(21:50:13) quaid: ok, legalnotice-relnotes-pa.xml committed
(21:51:58) aalam: quaid, thanks
(21:53:12) stickster: Testing now
(21:55:10) stickster: Hmm, I still see significant portions of the "pa"
are fallbacks to en_US
(21:56:20) ghenry [n=chatzill mail suretecsystems com] entered the room.
(21:56:23) Eitch: pt_BR?
(21:58:09) Eitch: I hope that's ok, cause I have to go home, bbl!
(21:58:13) Eitch: []'s
(21:58:17) Eitch left the room (quit: "mv Eitch /home").
(21:58:17) stickster: Eitch: you're good to go
(21:58:57) stickster: EvilBob: Anybody here see the same with "pa"
(21:59:39) BobJensen: stickster: I have not been watching, tell me what
I need to do
(21:59:41) aalam: stickster, is it on web? or in cvs-dir?
(21:59:48) stickster: aalam: CVS only
(22:00:17) stickster: BobJensen: Do "cvs up" and then build the pa
version with "make html-nochunks-pa"
(22:00:39) aalam: stickster, k, I will try to build
(22:00:59) stickster: aalam: This is a good way of seeing if things are
missing in the translation
(22:01:08) quaid: files missing that were not added?
(22:01:22) stickster: Not sure, or could be PO discrepancies
(22:01:28) stickster: I don't fully understand the msgmerge process
(22:01:46) stickster: I thought megacoder had built in all the smarts
for this, so if there's some problem there it must be a weird one
(22:01:55) aalam: ah
(22:02:48) stickster: Jeremy wants the release notes in, like, 3 minutes
(22:03:32) aalam: stickster, I got one error in po
(22:05:43) stickster: Can it be fixed
(22:06:30) megacoder: How to reproduce?
(22:08:43) megacoder: I see it now.
(22:08:46) BobJensen: I have "Warning: image file
'/wiki/ntheme/img/alert.png' not found." several times
(22:09:01) stickster: That's normal, won't affect the build
(22:09:18) stickster: Those are files that weren't used... the
"placeholders" have that image inside
(22:09:21) BobJensen: No localization exists for "po/pa" or "". Using
default "en".
(22:09:28) stickster: Make sure you've done "cvs up"
(22:10:30) aalam: stickster, 2 min pls, I m trying...
(22:10:34) stickster: aalam: OK
(22:10:44) BobJensen: I did in release-notes
(22:10:53) quaid: docs-common, too
(22:11:03) stickster: right
(22:11:15) BobJensen: Doing that now
(22:11:20) mspevack_mtg is now known as mspevack
(22:11:32) stickster: Everything is building, it's just a matter of
missing a few strings, looks like t'me
(22:11:48) stickster: Notified jeremy of status... he replied, and I
quote: "k"
(22:11:56) BobJensen: K
(22:11:58) BobJensen: LOL
(22:11:59) stickster: k
(22:12:20) ***megacoder gotta fix the watermark.
(22:12:25) stickster: 'm gng t s ll cnsnnts frm nw n
(22:12:27) BobJensen: we deserve cookies
(22:12:42) BobJensen: K
(22:12:58) BobJensen: w dsrv cks
(22:13:07) stickster: heh
(22:13:15) stickster: ps, _ mn, hh
(22:14:41) aalam: stickster, No change is status for pa.po
(22:14:53) stickster: ?
(22:14:53) BobJensen: I am getting just about the same error after the
cvs up
(22:15:04) megacoder: "make html-pa" works for me.
(22:15:23) BobJensen: megacoder: I was trying the nochunks
(22:15:41) BobJensen: No localization exists for "pa" or "". Using
default "en".
(22:15:43) megacoder: "make html-nochunks-pa" works for me.
(22:15:43) ***quaid gets the same error, too
(22:15:48) quaid: but I'm building on the same system, I reckon
(22:15:49) aalam: I have error "mages/watermark-pa.png': No such file or
(22:16:00) BobJensen: quaid: nope I am on my desktop
(22:16:04) quaid: ah, ok
(22:16:07) stickster: BobJensen: FC4?
(22:16:16) megacoder: aalam, I've just committed a dummy. Do a "cvs
update docs-common/images"
(22:16:21) BobJensen: stickster: correct
(22:16:25) aalam: megacoder, k
(22:16:53) stickster: Both work for me now
(22:17:05) ***megacoder pats stickster on the head
(22:17:32) BobJensen: $ make html-nochunks-pa
(22:17:32) BobJensen: Makefile:9: *** missing separator. Stop.
(22:17:57) stickster: BobJensen: do "rm -f Makefile && cvs up Makefile"
(22:18:13) megacoder: brb
(22:18:30) stickster: I think you may have a conflict from a local edit
hanging around
(22:18:39) stickster: Did you get any messages back from "cvs up" with a
C in front?
(22:19:05) quaid: hmm, I'm still getting the "No localization ..." error
but it seems to be building something
(22:19:06) BobJensen: No ended up in the wrong dir
(22:19:23) stickster: quaid: Are you talking about the perl warning?
(22:19:28) quaid: no
(22:19:37) BobJensen: No localization exists for "pa" or "". Using
default "en".
(22:19:42) quaid: yep
(22:19:51) stickster: You guys are just weird
(22:20:03) ***stickster needs a FC4 box in his VMWare
(22:20:19) BobJensen: want a shell
(22:20:19) stickster: Hang on
(22:20:28) stickster: BobJensen: that would be great
(22:20:36) BobJensen: stickster: one min
(22:20:37) quaid: well, cross-version building is not our goal atm :)
(22:20:43) quaid: but it's a good ida
(22:20:46) quaid: ideda
(22:20:53) stickster: Exactly... hang on while I check with a clean user
(22:21:25) ghenry: night all
(22:23:24) BobJensen: is building clean here now other than that
localization issue
(22:29:49) ghenry left the room (quit: "Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]").
(22:31:31) Sopwith left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(22:32:33) stickster: aalam: Status?
(22:33:07) aalam: Error 3:(
(22:33:23) stickster: BobJensen: OK, my advice would be to pull "pa"
from the ISO for now then
(22:33:31) stickster: We've gotta let Jeremy get his work done too
(22:33:42) BobJensen: stickster: I am with you
(22:34:03) stickster: I can take care of the CVS change, just a Makefile
change and a new tag generation
(22:34:21) BobJensen: OK
(22:34:25) stickster: Tags are cheap... rather than move the existing
tag, anyone have objections to using a new one?
(22:34:41) megacoder: Preferred, I'd think.
(22:34:45) stickster: 'FC-5-GOLD-for-slip'
(22:34:48) stickster: Good?
(22:34:53) stickster: sorry, '-for-slip-ISO'
(22:35:08) BobJensen: Good
(22:37:53) stickster: aalam: This only means we push this off to the
Web, not a big deal
(22:38:04) BobJensen: quaid: ping
(22:38:17) quaid: Bob-Laptop: pong
(22:38:25) quaid: </meeting>


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