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IRC log FDSCo meeting 17-Oct-2006

Lingering email on desktop, mea culpa.

17:20 < stickster> <meeting>
17:20 < stickster> Hi everybody, random discussion leader for tonight
17:20 < EvilBob> BobJensen
17:21 < stickster> I think Eitch is here too, right?
17:21 < Eitch> yeap
17:21 < Eitch> o>
17:21 < EvilBob> Hugo!!!1one
17:21 < stickster> OK,
for those who don't have it up
17:22 < stickster> Any AOB (All Other Business) to touch on before the
17:22 < stickster> OK, taking that as a no
17:23 < Eitch> :D
17:23 < EvilBob> stickster: +1
17:23 < stickster> Moving on then
17:23 < stickster> IG status -- we have the IG published right now in
en, it, and pt
17:23 < stickster> Awaiting more translations, but I will check in on
i18n.redhat.com to see what else is done lately
17:24 < stickster> Looks like we have da, es, and sv also done!
17:25 < EvilBob> Rock on
17:25 < stickster> (Anybody know offhand what da is?)
17:25 < stickster> Oh, Danish
17:25 < EvilBob> dane
17:25 < stickster> Dane?
17:25 < EvilBob> You beat me
17:25 < stickster> (You learn something every day!) :-)
17:25 < EvilBob> I gaveup
17:25 < stickster> heh
17:25 < Eitch> humm
17:26  * Eitch will try to catch up with pt_BR soon, what is the
17:26 < stickster> Eitch: ASAP, pretty much
17:26 < Eitch> hum, then the deadline is yesterday, heh
17:26 < EvilBob> LOL
17:26 < stickster> It may not be quite as many strings as you think...
I'm not sure zh_CN is up to date at all, and it shows 852 trans, 108
fuzzy, 59 untrans
17:26 < stickster> Of course a string may be a whole paragraph -- but I
don't think so in this particular case
17:27 < stickster> I fear there are a couple areas where I missed
details, but I'll wait for bugs to be filed at this point.
17:27 < stickster> Any questions, comments, insults... ?
17:27 < EvilBob> Nope
17:28  * stickster notes EvilBob is always good for a "move it along,
bub," sincerely appreciated
17:28 < quaid> sorry ya'll confab with the wife went over a bit
17:28 < stickster> np, chair is yours
17:28 < stickster> Just in time, we just finished IG on the schedule,
down to DUG ;-)
17:29 < EvilBob> quaid: life happens yaknow
17:29  * stickster hands quaid the gavel
17:29  * EvilBob ducks
17:30 < quaid> okey d
17:30 < quaid> about the release announcement
17:30 < quaid> that was diff than what Bon and I worked on, which was
the press release for RH
17:30 < EvilBob> Oh OK
17:31 < quaid> we still don't have anyone for the RA, I'm open to
17:31  * stickster had a turn but will take it if no one else does
17:31 < quaid> and I guess we have to  be careful about trademarked
usage of Zod, but ... well, we can have fun
17:31 < quaid> stickster: right, that's how I felt ... I had a turn and
wanted to pass it on
17:31 < quaid> who in FDP deserves the chance :)
17:31 < stickster> And has time to do it super-immediately?
17:32 < EvilBob> I will help as always when ever
17:32 < EvilBob> I don't have time to take the lead on it however
17:32 < stickster> Are "they" looking for the press release and the
prepended "fun stuff" for the public ML announcements?
17:33 < stickster> Sounds like it
17:33 < quaid> here is what we need:  the fun release announcement
17:33 < quaid> and we need someone who can write creatively, right?
17:33 < |DrJef|> quaid, i saw last nights robot chicken on adult swim...
they had a zod aerobics skit
17:33 < quaid> glezos: how are your fun, creative writing abilities?
17:34 < |DrJef|> quaid, lay down before zod... do 10 leg lift reps
before zod
17:34 < stickster> Kneel before Zod and stretch out your back
17:34  * stickster just found the hook
17:35 < stickster> Hmm, 3 verses and the chorus... coming up :-D
17:36 < stickster> Anyone?
17:36 < stickster> Bueller?
17:36 < quaid> sorry, what?
17:36 < EvilBob> lol
17:36 < quaid> anyway ...
17:37 < quaid> yeah, we have the RA to resolve, and I'll do it if I
can't find anyone soon
17:37 < quaid> the official PR is written and in queue for approval, the
FC6ReleaseSummary needs love but mspevack_afk says he is going to work
on that
17:37  * stickster is off the hook for Board for a few days, so remains
at quaid's disposal
17:38 < quaid> let's see .. did you see what notting and megacode were
discussing before?
17:38 < stickster> yes
17:38 < quaid> a few hours ago, yeah
17:38 < stickster> Looks like they found an adaptive index solution that
works for current FF, which is much better than waiting for FF-2.0 in my
17:38  * stickster leaves that to them to implement
17:39 < quaid> so ... i dunno if that is something notting is trying to
get working now or what ...
17:39 < quaid> ok, good
17:39 < stickster> notting will provide
17:39 < quaid> I haven't had time to love the DUG
17:39 < quaid> each section needs more intro, etc.
17:39 < stickster> Love the DUG! LOVE IT!
17:39 < quaid> are you interested in any time on that? feel free
17:39 < stickster> Liebe meine Dokumentation
17:39 < stickster> Sure, always willing to help out a buddy
17:40 < quaid> so, yeah, general "please help finalize the DUG" to
17:40 < stickster> I wrote part of a new example-tutorial waiting at my
dr. appt. yesterday
17:40 < quaid> cool
17:40 < stickster> It's a LOT of <!-- -->
17:40 < quaid> let's see ... so that is the default browser splash page
update done ...
17:40 < stickster> But will make XML not so scary to new folks
17:40 < stickster> *AND* f13 graciously got it in the ISO for us
17:41  * stickster chalks in note to buy him a brew at next IRL meeting
17:41 < quaid> wow, coolio
17:41 < stickster> slips can be good
17:41 < f13> heh, when the tree goes boom, stuff can sneak in.
17:42 < f13> We came >.< close to releasing a bad tree to the world :/
17:42 < stickster> "You underestimate the sneakiness.  Sneaky, sneaky!"
17:42 < EvilBob> f13: Yeah good catch
17:42 < |DrJef|> f13, i wonder how many people have downloaded my
delibrately malformed iso 'leaks' of fc6 from the torrent darknets
17:43 < EvilBob> On a releated note I think the FC5 Re-Spins may be dead
17:43 < stickster> I imagine someone is feverishly working up some .py
to dummy-check the tree :-)
17:43 < f13> |DrJef|: jeremy found a wav of the 'Price is Right' wrong
answer sound.  I'm considering making an iso full of that.
17:43 < quaid> evil weevil
17:43 < f13> stickster: oh we have that, this wasn't found by tree
checking, it was found by doing actual installs.
17:43  * stickster notes FDSCo meeting seems to have slipped out of key
17:43 < quaid> ok, next item is ... MoinMoin stuff
17:44 < |DrJef|> EvilBob, as in short term death due to technical
issues... or long term death due to lack of resources?
17:44 < f13> EvilBob: whats up with that?
17:44 < quaid> nah, I'm filling out notes, we're cruising along
17:44 < stickster> cool
17:44 < quaid> in fact ...
17:44 < stickster> f13: yIKES
17:44 < quaid> so, last weekend I met the core MoinMoin developers at
the GSoC summit
17:44 < EvilBob> the latest attempt at Re-Spins failed miserably on the
new build server I will be verifying the results on the old server later
17:44 < quaid> and heard verbally what is needed to get the GSoC updates
from mvirkkil's branch to the trunk
17:45 < EvilBob> Missing images and no kernel
17:45 < f13> ruh roh
17:45 < quaid> so I need to get together with mvirkkil, see what he can
do, and what we can do, all probably over on #moin-devel
17:45 < quaid> I've informed mmcgrath about this, and that the Moin guys
have some upgrade tips and scripts that may help
17:45 < quaid> e.g., spaces are not allowed in names
17:45 < quaid> we have some hundreds of files with spaces ...
17:45 < quaid> fortunately, a script exists that can help
17:46 < quaid> so, I'm going to add an item to coordinate specifically
on this upgrade.
17:46 < EvilBob> BRB, time to make some grub
17:46 < stickster> quaid: "files with spaces"?
17:47 < quaid> filenames with spaces
17:47  * stickster is confused... (the usual)  where?
17:48 < quaid> do a search on the wiki for " " in Titles
17:48 < quaid> i.e., we have /WikiNames WithSpaces/
17:48 < f13> eew
17:49 < stickster> Yikes
17:49 < stickster> Suckage.
17:50 < quaid> well, Thomas Waldmann from Moin said they have some
scripts that can help, so hopefully that is a minor-ish pain
17:50 < quaid> we're not sure what is going to break yet, we need to
work on that17:51  * f13 watches Heros
17:51 < quaid> ok, so that is that
17:51 < quaid> f13: how is that show?
17:51 < f13> er Heroes
17:51 < quaid> haven't been able to catch it
17:51 < f13> quaid: not so bad yet, this is the first one I'm watching
17:51 < quaid> Eitch: did you have anything you wanted to discuss on
Trans/Docs problem solving?
17:51 < Eitch> not yet
17:51 < Eitch> :(
17:52 < quaid> no worries, I don't really expect that we can pick it up
that quick, with releases and such going on
17:53 < quaid> same with Megacoder, he has a Dr. app't tonight and don't
think he had anything to report on the i18n WUI or CVS stuff yet
17:54  * EvilBob spins on the old server
17:55 < quaid> and I think we discussed the remaining item already
17:55 < quaid> "Release notes package and Web updates"
17:55 -!- |DrJef| [n=jefrey fedora/Jef] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:57 < stickster> yup
17:58  * stickster is sorry, writing email to "da" translators to get
them to do
a couple more files so he can actually build their shiny new IG
17:58 < quaid> then we are good and such
17:58 < quaid> AOB?
17:58 < EvilBob> Nope
17:58 < stickster> nope
18:01 < quaid> rockin'
18:02 < quaid> </meeting>
18:02  * stickster is building and publishing some new IGs, quaid: you
OK with notes?

Hee hee ... apparently I'm OK with the idea but not so hot at the
doing :)
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