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Re: [Fedora-electronic-lab-list] Re: Urgent: Fedora Electronic Lab + Educational SW

Let's use the Fedora education mailing list, instead of cross posting.

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 8:54 PM, Danishka Navin < danishka gmail com > wrote:
>>> Math, Arts, Science, Language/English, Computer, Geography, Accounts,
>>> Electronics, etc
>>> for age range of 6 to 18 students and teachers of them.
>> Okey dokey, this sounds really like a beginning. I think we should also
>> evaluate, which applications we're going to include, since it doesn't really
>> make sense to flood the spin with e.g. three geometry programs, right?
> for the Fedora Edu Spin single geometry program is enough but for a
> 'geometry' spin we can add all geometry programs.
> That's what Chitlesh doing  for the FEL.
> He is selecting all Electronic programs, but we can select only best suited
> program(s).

Well it is not exactly what I am doing for electronics.
For electronics, I'm focussing on bringing opensource electronics
simulation software from the "geek planet" to the more industrial or
university level.
Thereby there are some set of rules of maintenance of the FEL Livedvd.
Example: ST Microelectronics is using Fedora in its design centres.
That is why I'm pushing the mindset of FEL contributors to a more
professional orientation.
In other words, we are not packagers anymore but CAD engineers for
fedora. Since big EDA vendors are on the edge of opensourcing some of
their tools (read my blog for more details). I'm hoping that with FEL
established ground we can help them opt for an opensource license.
Just a win-win situation for the global opensource communities.

Hence FEL's roadmap is to reduce the gap of data exchange and tools
from the commercial and open source environment. Unfortunately there
is no perfect EDA tool. But having concrete and latest research data
on silicon, we can improve our ASIC tools. If FEL ships outdated tools
with respect to the technological race and not to package versions,
then FEL has missed its goals.

I hope I didn't lose you. I believe that a single Fedora Edu Spin
should be more educational oriented (8-18 years).

I guess for edu-spin one has to establish or Identify the real needs
(in the real world, not on 'geek planet') and ways to solve/satisfy
that need. We need a leader for the edu-spin who has "education" in


>> Maybe we should just have a quick meeting on IRC, if you want to. How
>> about this Monday, 1800 UTC on #fedora-edu on Freenode? If this time doesn't
>> work for you or somebody else here around, please let me know!
>> Rex? What do you think? And others: Of course, you're invited to join!
>> --Sebastian

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