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Re: Meeting Time [was: Urgent: Fedora Electronic Lab + Educational SW]

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 12:58 AM, Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
> We might check Friday or later. Sorry, I know, that's a kind
> of short notice...


Though I would not be active for the edu spin(fel my priority), I can
make it for this friday.

I would rather welcome if some discussions would start here in this
mailing list before the meeting. So that the presentees will have a
clear input of what to discuss during the meeting.

Secondly, things like:
- who the edu spin is targeting ?
- spinning an iso image is just updating kickstart file, but what is
next in the roadmap for F-12 ?
- why or how can the edu spin be so special ? (special reflects
attract the masses)
- who will be in charge during the ups and downs of the spin ?
- ...

could be discussed beforehand.

This is my personal opinion : - Packaging is NOT enough but easy !
Shaping the spin to a real use in real life and the needs should be
satisfied ! This is difficult. However it makes the spin so special.
One should not forget though, that it remains "fedora" and should
comply to all fedora guidelines.


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