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Re: Meeting Time [was: Urgent: Fedora Electronic Lab + Educational SW]

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 12:58 AM, Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
We might check Friday or later. Sorry, I know, that's a kind
of short notice...


Though I would not be active for the edu spin(fel my priority), I can
make it for this friday.

Okay! :) Does Friday, 1200 UTC sound good?

I would rather welcome if some discussions would start here in this
mailing list before the meeting. So that the presentees will have a
clear input of what to discuss during the meeting.

Yep, definitely +1!

Secondly, things like:
- who the edu spin is targeting ?

Good question. Younger children? Well, we've also the Sugar Spin around, so... pupils and students with an age from 8-18? 12-18?

- spinning an iso image is just updating kickstart file, but what is
next in the roadmap for F-12 ?

We need to get the word out for a possible spin. We need feedback from "real world use". I mean, it's more or less easy to push out a spin, but if nobody uses it, what does this help?

So it's more! And we need to be aware of this.

- why or how can the edu spin be so special ? (special reflects
attract the masses)
- who will be in charge during the ups and downs of the spin ?
- ...

As I said, I've still some files around from the days of Fedora 8 & 9. I've already got some ideas from those but... well.

For example:

* do we want a CD or a DVD?
-> What effects does this have? A CD is obviously cheaper, but we'd be way more limited concerning the choice of applications. It might become a bit tight, with all the language support, but that's something to dig into.

* which apps do we want?
-> kdeedu is imo already a great selection of software. But sounds like we need some more stuff. Blender and Inkscape? How about some more professional math stuff like Maxima?...

(to be continued)

I think we need to get an idea of *what* is needed. It doesn't help to throw spins at people when they don't know how to use them or even aren't aware of them.

could be discussed beforehand.

This is my personal opinion : - Packaging is NOT enough but easy !
Shaping the spin to a real use in real life and the needs should be
satisfied ! This is difficult. However it makes the spin so special.
One should not forget though, that it remains "fedora" and should
comply to all fedora guidelines.


Yeah, that's true. We need to get an idea, what we want to accomplish and how we can do so. What kind of applications do we want? Are those in Fedora? If yes, well, there you go. But if not, who packages them? And so on...

Concerning the Fedora guidelines: We could call it at the beginning a "Fedora Remix" afaik, but I would really want this to become something for F11.


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