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[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] Re: Embedded SIG

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
During FOSDEM, I talked to Max and Greg requesting them to get someone
inside RH to include eCos on fedora. However it is not very clear for
many people in terms of embedded where is the limit. Is it only design
tools or should provide an additional OS ? This question has popped
several times and needs your input to clarify our roadmap.
I don't regard this as a problem specific to embedded package. To me, "embedded packages" are normal packages like any others, i.e. are subject to the normal rules for including packages into Fedora.

The actual problems with embedded packages are elsewhere:
- Their target audience is comparatively small
=> Little "end-user demand", little "developer interest".

- Embedded packages tend to be huge.
=> Mainstream users will accuse "Embedded stuff" to unnecessarily bloat Fedora.

- Embedded packages tend to be technically complex (e.g. cross-compilation) and to diverge from "native packaging" (e.g. shipping source code as contents) => Fedora's review/maintenance infrastructure (reviews) and tools (esp: rpm) are not in a shape to make "getting such embedded packages into Fedora" easy. They often end-up in rejected, withdrawn submissions combined with endless discussions on details.

- Due to the limited audience of "embedded products", the overhead/difficulties getting packages into Fedora implies and different objectives ("embedded vendor" vs. Fedora/RH), vendors of "embedded products" tend to provide packages of their own.
=> Adding their packages to Fedora is of limited interest to them.


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