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Re: rpms/bmp/devel bmp.spec,1.5,1.6

Ralf Ertzinger wrote :

>  desktop-file-install --vendor fedora \
>      --dir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_datadir}/applications   \
>      --add-category X-Fedora  \
>      --add-category Application  \
> +    --remove-mime-type audio/mp3 \
> +    --remove-mime-type audio/x-mp3 \
> +    --remove-mime-type audio/mpeg \
> +    --remove-mime-type audio/x-mpeg \
>      beep/bmp.desktop

This means people without the mp3 plugin will no longer have bmp open up
when clicking an mp3 file, right? This is probably good. But doesn't this
also mean that people who do install the mp3 plugin won't be able to
easily click on mp3 files to have bmp play them, nor have bmp available in
the choices of applications to open mp3 files when right clicking on them?

I don't know of any (clean) way of having the mp3 plugin package correct
this behaviour upon installation. Does anyone know of one? If there isn't
any, shouldn't the audio/mp3 mime type be kept for bmp, and a default
plugin written (with a priority lower than the real mp3 plugin) that pops
up a window informing the user that there is no mp3 support available,
just like the xmms package does?


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