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Re: rpms/bmp/devel bmp.spec,1.5,1.6

Ralf Ertzinger wrote :

> > This means people without the mp3 plugin will no longer have bmp open up
> > when clicking an mp3 file, right?
> That was the plan. Seems to be working, too.

OK, but I'll get hit by the drawback I just explained, since I provide an
mp3 plugin for bmp ;-)

> > I don't know of any (clean) way of having the mp3 plugin package correct
> > this behaviour upon installation.
> Could the plugin ship it's own desktop file, with audio/mp3 and
> whatnot in the mime-types, and beep-media-player as exec?

That'll mean a second menu entry, no? Or is there a way to update the mime
database otherwise than from the .desktop file's mime types? This would
definitely be interesting in any case, since there are also bmp plugins
for aac/mp4, mpc, ape... and many other applications that work with
plugins too.


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