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Re: mock mock.spec,1.5,1.6

seth vidal wrote :

> > groupdel and userdel are always bad ideas in packages.  Just remove the
> > %postun scriptlet altogether.
> so it's okay to just leave a created group/user? That seems ugly and
> messy to me. We're always saying packages should clean up all of their
> directories - why not have them clean up all of their groups, too.

Quite simple : Install the package, the user/group gets created. Remove
it, if files are left behind that still belong to the user/group, then
when the new user/group is created later on if the same package is
reinstalled, the uid/gid will be different and those files won't have the
proper owner.

Say that /etc/program.d/ is mode 700 with a non root owner. If you
modified a file in there, the directory won't get removed because
some .rpmsave files will be there when you remove the package that owned
all the files. This is an example of where side-effects begin.

This doesn't apply for user/group with specific hardcoded uids and gids,
but there aren't that many like that (apache is 48 for instance).


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