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Packaging questions

I'm working on an RPM for GLPK (http://www.gnu.org/software/glpk/glpk.html), and I'm wondering the best approach to packaging. According to changelog notes in the Debian packages and some old discussion on the GLPK mailing list, the library is not reentrant and therefore should be built as only a static library, though some discussion on the lists in 2003 seemed to vaguely indicate that that may have changed by now. If it were even advisable, building shared libraries would require some extra hacking because the package does not support it as is (the Debian package includes only static libs). If I build it as static only, there are two approaches to packaging. One is as follows (an excerpt from a spec file posted to a GLPK mailing list):

## Note: shared libs are not built by default

%files devel

There are two binaries that allow a command line interface to the library, which would be basically the only thing included, and the rest would be in the devel package. The other option is the Debian approach of putting it all in one package with no devel package. Is there a preferred way to do this?


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