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Re: [Asterisk-Dev] SRPMs for Fedora Extras

On Fri, 2005-04-01 at 23:39 -0600, Jeffrey C. Ollie wrote:
> I've put together some SRPMs for Asterisk that I hope to get imported
> into Fedora Extras.  I'd appreciate any feedback on the packaging that
> you have.  The SRPMS can be found at <http://www.ocjtech.us/asterisk/>.


I'd like to see Asterisk in Extras. Also capi4k-utils, chan_capi, and
spandsp. I should finish beating chan_bluetooth into shape and that can
be packaged too; I do at least have it doing duplex audio fairly sanely

I'd like to see mISDN packaged but that wants to go into Linus' kernel
and hence into the standard kernel RPM -- and before that can happen, it
needs to stop being quite so broken.

The zaptel kernel parts want feeding to Linus too, assuming they're in a
good enough state for that -- I haven't looked at them at all yet.

If possible, we need to lose the dependency which chan_iax2 has on the
zap driver. If it's only used for timing, we should investigate the
POSIX timer functionality which is available with newer kernel/glibc.


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