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[Kind of OT] Bluefish pre 1.0.1 snapshots

Hi all,

I currently working on towards the Bluefish 1.0.1 release (mostly just
bug fixes). As an effort to get more bug testers for these snapshots I
would like to get these packaged for FC3. However I'm currently running
a modified FC3 system that isn't suitable for making packages. I'm
looking for a volunteer to package these snapshots for FC3.

The latest Bluefish pre1.0.1 snapshot is available below.



Please feel free to contact me off the list with bug reports, etc, for
these snapshots.

	Jim H
Jim Hayward <jimhayward earthlink net>
GPG Key available at: http://keyserver.noreply.org
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GPG Fingerprint: 1AA9 AEC9 BFDF FF7A E4F8 90C7 4947 3A41 85A9 2DCC 

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