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Picking up fontforge/libuninamelist

I'm taking over as maintainer of the orphaned fontforge and
libuninamelist package. I've cleared this with Marius JÃhndal,
the previous maintainer.

 - I'll update the version of fontforge to the newest release
   for both fc3 and devel. libuninamelist is pretty static for 
   new releases so doesn't need to be rebuilt.

 - I'm not aware of anything else that needs doing on the
   package. There are no bugzilla bug reports. If there are
   any other issues, put them in bugzilla.

 - I plan to stick with the current numbering scheme:


   And so forth, though it's a little weird to me. (I'd probably
   have gone with 0.0.20050310-1 if starting from scratch on
   the assumption that the first numbered release will be at 
   least 0.1)


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