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Re: xmms-artsplugin

> IMO,
> 1.  It's a separate tarball, it should be a separate package.
lots of stuff picks up separate tarballs into one package for user

> 2.  As is, requires hackery in the xmms specfile to use the just-built, 
> but not-yet installed xmms-devel files.

> 3.  It adds a dependancy on arts, which not all folks want/need (unless 
> it has been upgraded to the artsplugin-0.7.1 that is)... ( and AutoReq: 
> No shouldn't be used either)


> 4.  When/If artsplugin is ever upgraded, won't require a rebuild of the 
> entire xmms.

I think it's closer to 'if' than 'when'
last time I checked xmms devel has halted.

> (Most of the same arguments can be made for packaging xmms-skins 
> separately too, especially since it can be .noarch and be shared among 
> all archs).


If you want to pickup xmms for extras, feel free. I was just building it
and patching up the spec file to shut some loud people up.

if you'd like to be the owner, it's all yours.


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