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Re: [DONE] Re: (!) CVS devel release bump at 22:00 UTC

> Right. With tag based build requests and an automated build system, it
> should become more convenient to rebuild specific packages when necessary,
> so e.g. C++/Python ABI changes don't block anything. But for the future we
> need a roadmad/schedule and try something with deadlines anyway, so
> package owners trigger necessary rebuilds in time, and true noarch
> [data/doc] packages only get rebuilt when needed. For FC-4 we're still not
> complete with regard to current package owners. Some are waiting for CVS
> access, a few for sponsorship, and a very few have not reacted on
> notifications and not added themselves to the Wiki page yet. For FC-5 I
> assume it would be even less feasible to do such a pretty braindead
> release bump, so assume this is the last time it's done. :)

the current plan for the buildsystem is:
 make tag
 make build

this will mark a 'tobuild' file in common and the build system will
query that file on a regular basis and build whatever is in there.

right now the querying and srpm generation via this system is done, I'm
trying to make sure we get good results as to what failures hold a
package back.


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