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Re: Laptop-mode-tools, and self-reintroduction

Per Bjornsson wrote:
One thing that drives me nuts is that my laptop has too little battery
life. Something that fixes this up a bit is the laptop-mode (which is a
kernel feature) together with the control scripts. Unfortunately, the
control scripts (laptop-mode-tools) are not shipped with Fedora, so I
packaged them up:


Note that for a while the scripts were stuffed in the kernel
Documentation/laptop-mode.txt file, but what's there is outdated now,
this package should be better. Also, I used the 0.1 release tag since
these are not official Fedora packages yet; they are signed with my GPG
key (0x7201315D, available from pgp.mit.edu).

As far as I can tell the package seems to do the right thing with ACPI
in any case; I belive that APM should also work out of the box, but that
the PPC power management daemons need some additional configuration in
order to use this. (I'm consideering whether I should have the
installation do an acpid reload after installation; otherwise they won't
actually kick in until next boot, or at least until somthing kicks the
ACPI daemon...)

In principle I think that this might want to be integrated in some more
universal power management daemon (such as Gnome-power-manager) but as
far as I can tell that won't really be a realistic option for FC4 in any
case. I think that this is a nice interim measure and it should be easy
to replace with something better once that comes along.

Have to put a hold on this, because it sounds like it will conflict with the work davidz is working on for FC4 Core. David should review what you have here and communicate his plans and existing packages. This was previous discussed in fedora-maint list, you can read the archives here:

See the thread "STR working out of the box" which began during March.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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