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Re: Laptop-mode-tools, and self-reintroduction

Per Bjornsson wrote:

OK. To me it seemed like that thread mostly dealt with suspend-to-RAM, I
didn't realize that other power related stuff was involved. As far as I
can tell, fixing up STR seems pretty orthogonal to saving power while
the computer is awake but it would certainly make sense to deal with all
power management stuff in an organized fashion.

Woops, I should have actually read the code in the tarball. I guess it is pretty orthogonal, however let's be sure each piece fits. Maybe it would be appropriate to put both STR and laptop-mode scripts into FC4 Core.

Hmm with laptop_mode engaged, does it properly sync before going into suspend? Suspend is often hazardous and it could very easily kill 10 minutes of data. =)

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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