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Re: Review needed: notecase

On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 08:10 -0400, Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams wrote:
> notecase: A hierarchical note manager
> NoteCase is a hierarchical note manager (aka. outliner). It helps you
> organize your everyday text notes into a single document, with
> individual notes placed in the tree-like structure (each note can have
> its sub-notes, ...). To ensure your privacy, encrypted document format
> is supported, along with standard unencrypted format.

Okay -- I've run through every checklist I could find and the only nits
left are:
1) desktop file dos not include a GenericName field.  Could be added
when you call desktop-file-install in the %install.
2) Old recommendation to not mix %patch with %patchN (ie: use Patch0:
notecase-.... %patch0 -p1  Instead of Patch: notecase-... %patch -p1)

Otherwise I think it's pretty much finished.  I'll post approved when
GenericName is filled in.

878fcf6a6e26156671c6bced9f29c015b0d1ecb4  notecase-0.8.2_src.zip
fcb726bf286f5f9341d043ebd1eaa6e9fb4dd36c  notecase-0.8.2-paths.patch
7fe06604be2293e53d68358450d1e491999436b2  notecase-0.8.2-strip-
8387038cd8ad804ca9fdcbe42326195d16ca592b  notecase-x86_64.patch
1508677d76b6ff10ae4576bc05ede15ce2f8b750  notecase.spec


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