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Request for review - gourmet

This is a noarch pygtk2 application - it manages recipes (for cooking,
not procmail ;) and can import/export other popular recipe formats.

This is an app for LOTD in the home - my passion :)

The current version has a minor bug, when you add a recipe it does not
show up in the recipe index until you restart the application, it is
being actively developed so I suspect that will be fixed upstream.

I do patch the desktop file so that it goes into the "Accessories" menu,
which may not be the best place for it - but it was goes into the
"Other" menu otherwise, I'm not sure that's the best place for it
either. Thoughts?

Tested on FC4T2
Older version tested (and used) on FC3 - I'll test this one on FC3 this

Requires the PyRTF package I have also submitted for review (it actually
will work without it, but loses some functionality)


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