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Review: verbiste

Hello, all:

I've committed verbiste to the Extras CVS (devel branch) -- please
feel free to review it and let me know if there are any errors. I've
incorporated the suggested changes, so it should be ready to go unless
something else comes up.

It builds and works on FC3 and FC4t2; md5sums verified with the author.

Name: verbiste
Summary: French conjugation system

Verbiste is a French conjugation system. It contains a C++ library,
two programs that can be run from the command line or from another
program, and a GNOME applet. This applet shows a text field in the
GNOME Panel where the user can enter a conjugated verb and obtain its
complete conjugation. The knowledge base is represented in XML and
contains over 6800 verbs.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Zlotniks, INC

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