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i18n guidelines?

I did not see anything in the wiki about this.

A spec file I'm working on puts all of its i18n stuff into


That means I can't use the find_lang macro on it, find_lang doesn't look

Looking at other packages that have i18n stuff - it looks like (from
what I have installed) vim is the only other package on my system that
puts any internationalization stuff into a /usr/share/package directory.

Does the package need to be patched to instead put its international
stuff into /usr/share/locale ?

In the python -

(in one file)

(in another)
DIR = os.path.join(datad,'i18n')

so it looks like I would just need to adjust DIR to point to
the /usr/share/locale instead of /usr/share/gourmet/i18n (and adjust
setup.py to put it in /usr/share/locale)

Would this be something I should do (as in its broken, doesn't fit
guidelines), or is there no issue and would it be better to leave it the
way upstream does it (as in don't fix what ain't broke)?

Using find_lang of course is desirable.

I apologize to everyone who doesn't use English for my ignorance on
internationalization ...

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