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Request for review: mlmmj


Would anyone wish to review / sponsor the MLMMJ mailing list manager
software? (http://mlmmj.mmj.dk/) . It's an ezmlm-like mailing list
manager intended for use with Postfix or Exim (Possibly Sendmail too but
I've not tried, being a longtime Postfix aficionado ;-))


The package has worked fine for me on Core 3 so far (I'm actively using
it for the small announcements list I run and is relatively simple,
having no external dependencies other than glibc.

At the moment I don't have a spare box for Core4test so have not
compiled it in that environment. I would be interested in successes /
failures however (the upstream maintainer is quite responsive)

I also think it would make a nice alternative to Mailman :-)

Thanks in advance.
Michael Fleming.

Michael Fleming <mfleming enlartenment com>
WWW: http://www.enlartenment.com/
APT/YUM Repository for Fedora Core:
"Bother" said the Borg, "We've assimilated Pooh!"

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