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Re: New package proposal.

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 14:03 +0300, Devrim GUNDUZ wrote:

> I've read the guide at:
> http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/NewPackageProcess
> Could you please guide me to the next step?

You need to create an account on the wiki and add yourself to the
SponsorsNeeded page :


You should have a GPG key at the MIT public key server.
Your spec files should reflect the packaging guidelines:


There are some same spec files etc. in

/usr/share/fedora (from the fedora-rpmdevtools package)
There is an extras package called rpmlint you can use to verify your
src.rpm file

And finally, you can help verify that the BuildRequires of your packages
are complete by following the process here:


Then it's just a matter of waiting for a sponsor.
While waiting (like I currently am) you can request that your spec files
be reviewed - by posting to this list with a link to the spec file, and
there's a good chance that mistakes will be pointed out etc. so that
when you are sponsored, the package is ready for a more official review
and import into their cvs tree.

Hopefully I covered everything, or at least covered enough.

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