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Re: Request for Review: blacs, scalapack, R-RScaLAPACK

On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 09:34 -0500, Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
> Second chunk of R related packages for review, this time, I've got 
> lapack's cousins, blacs, and scalapack, along with the first of many
> R modules, RScaLAPACK. The R modules are so similar that the spec 
> template is virtually identical for each module.

Hi Spot,

I think its great to see more math and stats packages going into Extras!
Heres my review notes:

 ===  blacs  ===
 - Is "BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/lapack-%{version}-root" OK?  Honestly,
   I'm not an authority!  It just seems odd.

 - Should there be a "BuildRequires: gfortran"?  I can't get it to
   build without gfortran (eg. on an FC3 system w/g77) and its not
   listed in the BuildRequires Exceptions list at:

 - Otherwise seems to build and install without any problems though
   I've not yet had a chance to use it.

 ===  scalapack  ===
 - again, is "BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/lapack-%{version}-root" OK?

 - again, does it need a "BuildRequires: gfortran"?

 - Appears to build, install, and otherwise looks OK on a freshly
   updated devel system (but did not actually have the time to run any
   of it).

 ===  R-RScaLAPACK  ===
 - It needs R-devel and "yum install R-devel" fails due to a
   dependency upon gcc-g77.  So, perhaps R-devel needs to be updated
   to depend upon gcc-gfortran before trying to review R-RScaLAPACK?


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