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Re: Request for Review: bmp-flac

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 21:21:10 +0200, Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

> I fixed the things you and Matthias suggested, new packages at
> http://ryoko.camperquake.de/fedora/bmp-flac/

Two blocker bugs:

 * Doesn't work for me. Steps to reproduce:

   1. take an arbitrary .WAV file
   2. encode it with "flac filename.wav"
   3. load "filename.flac" into BMP
   Result: Invalid FLAC File: "file:///..."

   The reason is that the "filename" argument passed to plugin code
   is prefixed with "file://", which you need to strip off in the
   plugin callback functions. I've ported xmms-fc to BMP a week
   ago to have more code for testing BMP and ran into the same

 * "Version: 2" for bmp-flac is highly questionable. Unless you
   plan to fork the existing code and maintain your own plugin,
   better start with a version lower than or equal to BMP's current
   0.9.7 version and/or lower to FLAC's version (see xmms-flac).

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