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Re: Review Needed: sqlite2

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams wrote :

> I am actually going to leave it alone for now. The sqlite2 package
> obsoletes the sqlite-2.8.16 package, so having the sqlite package remain
> 2.8.16 is pointless should the sqlite2 package be branched to FC-3,
> which is what will be required in order to provide a clean upgrade to
> FC4 re kannel and moodss. But one step at a time.

I still don't understand. Why change anything for FC-3 at all? I really
don't see the point, and would prefer avoiding pushing out a new kannel
package for FC-3 which has for only change a build requirement of "sqlite2-
devel" instead of "sqlite-devel"...

My preference would be to undo the sqlite v2 to v3 change in the FC-3
branch, remove sqlite from the devel branch (as sqlite v3 is in Core) and
import the FC-3 sqlite v2 as "sqlite2" in the devel branch with those last
changes you suggested.

>From there, we can fix and rebuild all packages in devel that rely on
either version of sqlite, and make sure we provide a working upgrade path
from FC3 to FC4 for end users.

Why do you want to go and introduce major changes to the FC-3 branch?


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