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Re: Review needed: netspeed_applet

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 04:54 -0700, Aaron Kurtz wrote:
> Hi.
> I would like to submit netspeed_applet for review for inclusion in
> Extras.
> I'm aware that underscores are generally against the naming guidelines,
> but that's how it's been packaged for Fedora in the past by Dag and the
> way the developer releases it in tar.gz form. 

Well, it's also a Gnome panel applet, and according to the package
naming guidelines it seems to me that the should be named gnome-applet-
netspeed in that case. (It's useful that the package clearly denotes
that it's a Gnome applet as opposed to say a KDE add-on of some sort.
Also, you can easily find Gnome applets by doing a "yum list gnome-
applet-\*' when this naming convention is used.)

Regarding the earlier packages, it's certainly possible to pull the
obsoletes/provides trick to provide a sane upgrade path:

(The sections on renaming and "add-on packages" are conveniently located
right next to each other here.)

Of course, this change would necessitate some minor changes in the
spec , where you use %{name}. Otherwise, apart from what Ignacio
commented on, I think this looks good.


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