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Re: Review Request: fftw3 cln GiNaC octave-forge

Quentin Spencer wrote:
I have recently imported these functions into CVS. Octave-forge is a set of add-on functions for octave, and the others are all math libraries. Note that octave-forge depends on GiNaC, which depends on cln.

THIS IS NOT A REVIEW, only preliminary observations. I didn't attempt to build it.

## Octave-forge installs in a directory tree specific to the installed
## version of octave, so the following version dependency is necessary.
%define octave_ep  %(rpm -q --qf '%%{epoch}' octave)
%define octave_ver %(rpm -q --qf '%%{version}' octave)
Requires:       octave = %{octave_ep}:%{octave_ver} ImageMagick

You must not query rpmdb during rpmbuild. This also causes ugly messages when parsing the spec when octave is not installed. Please just hard-code it.

BuildRequires:  cln-devel >= 1.1 gcc-c++
	No need to ever list gcc or gcc-c++.  Just assume it is in the buildroot.

%package devel
Summary: GiNaC development libraries and header files
Group: Development/Libraries
Requires: %{name} = %{version}

Make it %{version}-%{release} in each subpackage. (in cln too)

It appears that RPM_OPT_FLAGS aren't being passed to the build flags.

cln === Again RPM_OPT_FLAGS

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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