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Re: Sponsor Request: jigdo

On 04/15/2005 02:08:01 PM, Chuck R. Anderson wrote:
I'd like to import jigdo into CVS. I've built and tested this on FC3.

I've got a crazy thought -

I wonder if jigdo and bt could work together. I don't mean jigdo use bt, I mean use jigdo to create the .iso.tmp from rawhide packages on a machine, and then start up bittorent with the partial iso from jigdo.

I'd like to try it with FC4T3 and see if bittorrent is able to work starting from an incomplete iso created by jigdo.

If it does work, the benefit is that those with rawhide on their systems could use bt to get the rest of what they don't have, and bt would benefit because there would be more seeds early on.

Chuck - are you planning to create a .jigdo file for test3?

With test2 - jigdo found 85% of the files in my rawhide mirror (by file, not by size - I don't know by size) - if it works, I'll post instructions to the test list so that *possibly* fc4 release torrent could benefit. If it works, it certainly is better efficient use of bandwidth for peer seeding of the torrent.

I know that bad downloads can be fixed via bittorent (the client will scan it, throw away the bad parts, and refetch them) so I think it might work.

Michael A. Peters

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