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Re: Sponsor and review request: c-ares

On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 13:57 -0400, Chris Ricker wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
> > c-ares:
> > SPEC: http://www.auroralinux.org/people/spot/review/c-ares.spec
> > SRPM:
> > http://www.auroralinux.org/people/spot/review/c-ares-1.2.1-1.src.rpm
> Looks good to me, other than the license. It appears to be MIT, 
> not LGPL.

> Also, is it necessary to include:
> %{_libdir}/libcares.la

Hi Chris,

I don't think the *.la file is necessary.  Under what circumstances
would anyone use it?

So the package looks fine to me.  The only nit I noticed was the lack of
a Summary: line for the non-devel package.

It also builds, installs, un-installs, and otherwise works-for-me on an
FC-3 system.


Edward H. Hill III, PhD
office:  MIT Dept. of EAPS;  Rm 54-1424;  77 Massachusetts Ave.
             Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
emails:  eh3 mit edu                ed eh3 com
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