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Reminder: Account Sponsorship and New Members

This is an important reminder for both Account Sponsors and New Members

By sponsoring a new member, you are responsible for educating that developer and making sure they do the right thing. This means watching mailing lists and CVS commits list for their activity, and helping them out in their understanding of the process and packaging standards. Please do not approve too many new members that you are unable to keep track of their activities and foster their education, because it then becomes a burden on everyone else.

New Members
All contributors to CVS Extras are expected to be subscribed to minimally these two lists. You will miss vital package review comments if you do not follow these lists. You may filter extras-commits list to see only messages with your package somewhere in the subject if you wish to receive less mail.

When posting to a list about any package, please include the package name somewhere within the Subject. This makes it much easier for everyone to search for all relevant messages relating to a certain package.

Thank you for your attention to detail

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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