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Re: Rebuild of inadyn required

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005 22:12:54 +0200, Jochen Schmitt wrote:

> On Sun, 24 Apr 2005 15:21:46 -0400, you wrote:
> >* inadyn (i386, x86_65, ppc) (warren: What the heck is this? It isn't in
> >CVS, no approval message, etc.)
> Sorry, I didn't sent a approval message, becouse I thought, that
> only CVS will sent messages to fedora-extras-commits during a
> checkin process.
> After a watch on the archiv, I assume, that the owner of a
> package have to sent the approval message to the list independent
> from the CVS checkin process. I have sent now a message to this
> list.
> As sencond I have verified that /cvs/extras/devel/inadyn exists
> since 11 days in the CVS. Please see:
> http://cvs.fedora.redhat.com/viewcvs/devel/inadyn/?root=extras
> I will now edit the pages again and hope my best.

The package exists only in the "devel" tree, not in the FC-3 branch.

You edited the FC3Status page to request a build for FC3, which
won't work because an "inadyn" module does not exist in FC-3 branch
of Fedora Extras CVS.

To request creation of a module in that branch, you need to edit
the CVSSyncNeeded page (name of the page has historic reasons ;).

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