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Re: gournet review (was Re: i18n guidelines?)

I have made one final change to the spec file.

Instead of patching the desktop file, I am doing it with sed in the %
build section.

The problems with the vendor desktop file:

He uses a . at the end of description lines.
I don't think that breaks any "rules" but other desktop files in fedora
do not do this, so it is more consistent to remove those periods.

And in one place he uses True for a boolean value, desktop-file-install
prefers that be all lower case (true).

Reason for doing it with sed instead of patch:

The desktop file is currently changing, the developer is actively adding
language support to the project, and thus is updating the desktop file.
The addition of periods at the end of the language specific descriptions
is predictable, sed will handle that just fine - generating a new
desktop patch with every release that updates the file is more work.

The current spec file and src.rpm:


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