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Re: more games (plus crack-attack)

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 13:58:59 -0400 (EDT), JP LaFleur wrote:

> > First of all, the name Tetris and related names are trademarked. So, using
> > that name--or even a confusingly similar name--for comparing the games
> > would be a legal problem.
> Right, and grepping for "etris" in the source tree results in 5 hits, in
> autopackage descriptions, and I think two or three times in the game's
> documentation.  Would removing these references be acceptable, or would
> searching for the name "Tetris Attack" in the specfile or a patch still
> make the package unimportable?  Or would it be required to come from
> upstream that way?

IANAL, but I would say: the latter.  E.g. you could not include URLs which
link upstream's home page where they continue to use the Tetris trademark.

Lawyers (or authorities at Red Hat) would need to comment on "clones" and
"remakes" of such games.

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