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Re: Octave-forge and legal issues

Matthias Saou wrote:

Quentin Spencer wrote :

2. Create a modified source tarball with the offending code removed. This would be easy, but the source wouldn't match the upstream source.

This has already been done for some packages (e.g. xmms, gstreamer- plugins), and AFAIK is acceptable. Ideally, include as one of the "SourceX:" lines a quick little script that can reproduce the modified tarball from the original one (uncompress the original tarball, remove this and that, recompress with the new tarball name).


OK, what about this:

Source0: ftp://download.sourceforge.net/pub/sourceforge/o/oc/octave/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
Source1: %{name}-%{version}.patched.tar.gz
Source2: %{name}-mktarball.sh
NoSource: 0


%setup -q -T -b 1

The octave-forge-mktarball.sh does basically what you described. I'm not familiar with the use of NoSource--I figured this out just now from Maximum RPM. Is this the right approach? I haven't built the whole package, but this seems do to what I want.


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